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Predominately humans, with a mix of half-elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings representing about twelve percent of the population. Very few elves and even less tieflings are part of the populous, those that are tend to stick to themselves.


The laws of Wolfshor are enforced by Lawmaster Katho Nathrek and her Wolfsguard. Patrolling the streets and the harbor and maintaining order throughout the town.   Lord Urkoth Durrsk is the Warden of Wolfshor. Acting as the towns figurehead, he leads a council alongside Lawmaster Katho Nathrek among others to help govern the town and establish the laws not set forth by the crown rulers of the Kingdom of Sleora.

Industry & Trade

Predominately a shipping port town, timber is also a large industry with the surrounding forests. With the port access a smithy can be found, as well as a herbalist/alchemist within the town.


Located along the eastern coastline in the Kingdom of Sleora, surrounded by forests and wide plains. The small coastal port town is growing and may one day become a minor city in the kingdom.
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