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Howlester Keep

Howlester Keep is the former home of House Howlester in the Kingdom of Sleora. Having been stripped of their lands and titles after the heads of the house were executed following a failed attempted coupe, the keep fell into disuse. During that time a minor bandit clan took up residence.   Taleila Wyneewood sent in a crew to rouse the bandits and clear the keep. With the keep cleared of bandits, repairs were started to get it back into serviceable condition, and prepare it for the new denizens whom would be gifted the keep.   Following the rescue of Veshlina Amberwing from the caves deep beneath the mines outside of Telarus and clearing the dangers from within the mine itself, Victoriam Ruinam returned to Telarus. When they returned from their harrowing adventures deep underground, they met with Taleila Wyneewood who was glad for their return and that they were able to return with Veshlina Amberwing.    As a part of the payment for the task they had completed, Victoriam Ruinam was gifted the deed to Howlester Keep with permission from King Desmond Cosculas.

Purpose / Function

Meant to act as a keep for Victoriam Ruinam to use as a base of operations. Also granting them a permanent residence with space for various custom additions to be added to fit their needs.


Victoriam Ruinam has hired on Dakrim Redheart as their Dwarven cook. They have also hired on the following individuals as guards; Locklin Reez, Cottar Bramblethorn, Taralok Stormhammer, Cithrael Miradam, and Jayvira Freestep.

Contents & Furnishings


Ludovicus Ulfila has converted one of the rooms into a alchemical laboratory. Chester Botkins has converted another room to a library and arcane workshop.   An abandoned mausoleum located in the nearby woods is being converted to a shrine to The Matron for communion with her by Alelyn Ravenbloom.


Howlester Keep was the former manse of the noble House Howlester in the Kingdom of Sleora. After their attempted coupe, their head of household were executed and the family was stripped of their titles and and their lands. In the time since a minor bandit clan has taken up residence before being wiped out. With the keep now clear of bandits it has been gifted to Victoriam Ruinam for their use following the rescue of Veshlina Amberwing and clearing the dangers that had attacked at the Titan Trove Mine near Telarus.


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