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Lochlin Reez

Lochlin Reez

Lochlin Reez is a man of many mysteries and a very sorted past.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lochlin has a lithe, wiry build.

Facial Features

Lochlin's eyes are those of an experienced killer, a cold and calculating sense of wisdom convey from behind them. His close cropped hair leads into a short chestnut beard flecked with gray that covers his jaw. Beneath the cowl of his cloak's hood Lochlin has a mask meant to conceal his lower face and grant him the unanimity his trade requires.

Special abilities

His experience and training as a focused killer has granted him the ability to bond with his weapon and summon it to his hand from a distance of up to sixty feet. Over his years as a professional killer Lochlin has learned to harness his wisdom to use some magical abilities.

Apparel & Accessories

Lochlin wears dark studded leathers and carries a bow on his back along with a long blade at his hip. He carries with him a set of thieves tools part of which he has secreted away on his person, as well as a set of cartographers tools to keep track of his target's movements. Additionally he has a marked set of three-dragon ante cards he uses to swindle unsuspecting tavern patrons.

Specialized Equipment

Concealed within his dark battered leathers Lochlin has various potions, poisons, and tinktures. Lochlin's bow is a specialized magic item known as a gamblers bow, and a set of archers bracers.

Mental characteristics


Lochlin is one of five guards currently employed by Victoriam Ruinam at Howlester Keep.
Current Location
Shaved Chestnut
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
215 lbs.
Known Languages
Lochlin can read, write, and speak Common, Elvish, Thieves Cant, Shadowglyphs, and Sylvan.

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