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Chester Botkins

Chester Botkins

Chester Botkins has always yearned to know the lost and forbidden lore of the realm. Constantly finding himself lost among tomes, books, and scrolls learning whatever he could.   During one of his times spent among the dusty tomes, Chester fell asleep while reading about the feywild. As he opened his eyes he found himself near a swampy marsh like area, surrounded by strange plants he didn't recognize. Blinking repeatedly to attempt to clear his bleary vision, Chester looked further focusing on the strange plants. Thinking back to the tomes he had studied, they looked familiar. After a moment it clicked and he realized he was in the feywild. Out of the corner of his eye he caught movement among the surrounding foliage.   Chester has become a dual-patron warlock. His original patron is Phaendar the Verdant King, but after touching one of the Arcane Monoliths his mind linked with Rhis'tyrn whom he accepted a second pact with allowing him to beome Chester's second patron.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Angular features with a scruffy reddish-brown beard.

Special abilities

After making his pact with Rhis'tyrn, Chester now has the ability to enter a form of dread, in addition to no longer requiring to eat drink or breath.

Apparel & Accessories

Chester wears dark green robes with a black leather bound book wrapped in silver branch-like chains chained to his hip.

Specialized Equipment

Possesses a Driftglobe which has the keywords Quenya for the light spell, and Cala for the daylight spell. He now weilds the Shardblade from within Dalgrim's Cairn while additionally weilding a Shrieking Dagger obtained from Mistress Morrigan Uredelig.


Contacts & Relations

Phaendar the Verdant King is his original patron, whom provides him with some of his warlock abilities.   Rhis'tyrn is now his second patron, an archlich whom grants him additional warlock powers.   Has been traveling with Victoriam Ruinam after a chance meeting at the Blackstone Meadery.   Has done scribe-work for Wulfhard Hornwood and The Crimson Foxes.   Chester has entered into a contract with Mistress Morrigan Uredelig to kill his original patron Phaendar the Verdant King.
Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Current Residence
Emerald Green
Long Reddish-Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
163 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Related Reports
Known Languages
Chester can read, write, and speak Common, Sylvan, and Elven.


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