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Mistress Morrigan Uredelig

Mistress Morrigan Uredelig

Mistress Morrigan is young for a hag, a former warlock to Phaendar the Verdant King in the Feywild. For a time she was his primary warlock and after she encountered a coven of hags within the Feywild, her connection to Phaendar was severed. With the loss of he powers she sunk into despair and sought to regain the power she lost and become stronger than even Phaendar himself. Seeking to eliminate him what she sees as abandoning her, and leaving her powerless.   Morrigan made a deal with the coven to regain power, but it did result in her physical form to change and mutate grotesquely, turning her into her a hag herself. Over the years she has learned to conceal her form and project her original form making it easier to trick mortals with her own deals. Her daughter Maive was taken from her and transported to the Feywild by a rival hag. Maive has been concealed and Mistress Morrigan has now way of tracking her even by magical means.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

While wearing her Elven form she is lithe, with pale skin and dirty blond hair. She appears to be very attractive while wearing this disguise, adding to her ability to trick mortals and lure them into making deals with her.

Body Features

Her true form is very grotesque. She has grown a tail similar to that of a wyvern that drips with poison, while her body has become thicker than her Elven form would lead one to believe. Her face in her true form remains hidden beneath a large bird skull mask, antlers protrude at various angles from beneath her cowl atop her head. In this form her flesh becomes mottled and tinged with green, and her fingers are long, bony, and topped with sharp talon like nails.

Apparel & Accessories

Her right arm in her true form is covered with an armor of bark, her lower extremities are covered by a "leather" skirt made form the stitched together flesh of those whom have tried to cheat her on the deals she made with them. She carries a large hooked blade and her gnarled wood staff is topped with the severed head of a horse. Tied to her staff is a small bell that rings with eerie resounding toll. She does not wear a shirt, but does wear a necklace made of bones and tusks that hangs down near her saggy, withered breasts. Strapped to her back is large dead raven with fungal sprouts protruding from it.
Chaotic Evil
Known Languages
Morrigan can read, write, and speak Common, Draconic, Elven, and Sylvan.

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