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Dalgrim's Cairn

This Cairn is the resting place of the the former Jarl of the Pale, Dalgrim the Death Wielder and his retinue. In the centuries since his death it has become overgrown as the Wolf Howl Woods work to reclaim it.

Purpose / Function

The cairn is meant to act as a final resting place for the corpse of Dalgrim the Death Wielder and his retinue. It stands to honor them in death and guard their bodies while their spirits move on to Valhalla.


A subterranean labyrinth of tunnels and chambers housing the dead. At its furthest point a great room sits housing Dalgrim the Death Wielder's sarcophagus and his honor guard.


Various traps are set throughout the cairn to prevent grave robbers and protect those interned within. Various draugr reside within, having been reanimated by the shards of both Eidolon Goddess of Life's staff and Liliose Goddess of Death's blade that have ended up in the Wolf Howl Woods following The Fall of Shards.   The necromantic power of the shards has resulted in Dalgrim the Death Wielder being returned to some semblance of life as a powerful wight. His skeletal form wields the power of the Shardblade he carried in life, further adding to the danger he represents. Some believe that his friend and court wizard resides within the cairn as well, some even believe that said wizard may be the at least part of the source of the numerous undead found in the surrounding area of the Wolf Howl Woods.
Founding Date
509-511 FOS
Alternative Names
The Death Wielder's Respite
Parent Location


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