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Ithildae Sepulcher

The Ithildae Sepulcher is a secret demiplane created by the Ithildae Conclave to house the Spire of Twilight and other artifacts. It acts as a line of defense against those who seek to take the artifacts and use them for ill will.  
It shall be on the day that the dark one returns, a man clad in green shall usher forth an age of abundance and an age of death.                                          
   ~ Prophecy on ancient stone hidden within the Sepulcher


The final chamber at the heart of the sepulcher is a vast room that is home to a series of floating islands. Atop these floating islands lie various trees, a magical fountain that flows into a waterfall over the side of the island, and the largest island is home to a massive tree.


Near the end of the Age of Arcaneum, the Ithildae Conclave was charged with protecting the Spire of Twilight and several other artifacts and preventing them from falling into the hands of those who brought about the end of the age or others whom would use it for ill gotten gains. Through a powerful druidic ritual, the Conclave created the Sepulcher and in turn created a key in Ninnidh's Lantern. Using the lantern they closed and hid the gate to the Sepulcher within the Twilight Glade, ritually making it so that it was only accessible by shining Ninnidh's Lantern across the glade during a new moon to reveal the gate.
Alternative Name(s)
The Twilight Grove
Dimensional plane
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