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Ninnidh's Lantern

This black iron lantern radiates with an aura of cold. A tall black candle sits among an pale iridescent blue dust, burning with a radiant blue flame. Ninnidh's lantern once belonged to the the archdruid Ninnidh Keefei, a member of an ancient sect of druids known as the Ithildae Conclave. 

Mechanics & Inner Workings

This lantern is exceptionally potent during a Lunar Eclipse. During a full moon, new moon, or lunar eclipse a wielder can shine this lantern across a hidden glade deep within the Wolf Howl Woods, in doing so a gate will be illuminated and opened to a demiplane known as the Ithildae Sepulcher.   Requires attunement. Wielder can spend an action to place the salts of a Lantern Wraith to ignite the candle and activate the lantern.   One who is attuned to the lantern is granted darkvision of 60 feet, and can see into the ethereal plane up to a distance of 60 feet. If undead are with 120 feet of the lantern the blue flame of the black candle shifts to that of a green flame.   The Lantern has 6 charges, expended charges replenish at twilight.
  • 2 charges the user can cast Obscuring Mist
  • 2 Charges the user can cast Fog Cloud
  • 3 charges the user can cast Protection From Good and Evil
  • 1 charge the user can cast Mold Earth
  • 1 charge the user can cast Druidcraft


Long ago in the years leading up to the end of the Age of Arcaneum, the Ithildae Conclave needed a means of sealing away a powerful artifact and prevent it from falling into the hands of those who brought about the end of the Age of Arcaneum or others whom would use its power for ill gotten gains. After much deliberation they decided on creating Ninnidh's Lantern to act as a key for the Ithildae Sepulcher. The lantern was crafted during a total lunar eclipse of both Astenna and Kinthia.
Item type
Unique Artifact
This unique artifact is a one of a kind item.
Raw materials & Components
Black iron wrought into vines and branches housing a black candle that sits atop a small mound of the salts of a Lantern Wraith's remains.


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