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Rhis'tyrn (R-hiss teer-en)

Archlich Rhis'tyrn

Rhis'tyrn was born a human thousands of years before The Fall of Shards, during the height of the Age of Arcaneum. He was the main advisor to Emperor Verenth, and acted as his right hand man. After discovering dark magics he became an Archlich.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Rhis'tyrn's current appearance is that of a skeletal humanoid, draped in dark robes.

Specialized Equipment

An intricate hourglass carved from bone and ebony with a golden band at its center carved with arcane runes. The sand in the the hourglass is white and is all contained in the top portion. No matter how much it is shaken the sand will not move from the top to the bottom, however should Rhis'tyrn's physical form be destroyed the sand will start to flow turning black as it passes to the bottom. Once the hourglass has drained, Rhis'tyrn reappears.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rhis'tyrn was born thousands of years before The Fall of Shards. He became an archmage in his time before discovering the ancient dark magics that allowed him to become an Archlich.

Personality Characteristics


Rhis'tyrn seeks to become a god. As an Archlich he has essentially achieved immortality, but wants to ascend beyond that.


Contacts & Relations

Rhis'tyrn is the patron to the warlock Terdoth Longfallow.


His voice is very hoarse and raspy, emanating with a rattling hiss.
Chaotic Evil
Glowing orbs of blue energy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Gaunt, decayed flesh clings to his dark bones.
5' 11"
Known Languages
More than nine languages.

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