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Victoriam Ruinam

Victoriam Ruinam is a a group of adventures, brought together by happenstance. They agreed to a contract in Wolfshor to investigate a abandoned fort nearby and clear it out so that it could be recommissioned. Upon returning to the town they needed to give a name to fulfill the contract, and decided upon Victoriam Ruinam (Victory from defeat) based upon a series of near fatal experiences while investigating the fort. The group consists of Adelaide Alttaire the Devilkin member of the Order of the Silver Sun, Ludovicus Ulfila the Half-Elven monk, and Alelyn Ravenbloom the Half-Elven cleric of The Matron, Chester Botkins the Human dual patron warlock, and Maurice a Devilkin assassin of The Epitaph.    On the road to Telarus, Adelaide decided to leave the group in the interim after Alelyn found out that she had Lycanthropy. She decided that she needed time to learn more about her abilities and to better control her condition. Leaving a note for Alelyn to find when she woke telling her that she was leaving and not to look for her, she would find them when she sorted herself out. When Alelyn woke and found the note it broke her. Her usually stoic cynicism was shattered and she spiraled into a depressed, alchohol fueled rage. After about a week of drinking herself into unconciousness, Ludo finally got throught to her and helped her to make her peace withe Adelaide's departure.   Ludovicus Ulfila had purchased a dire wolf cub in Wolfshor, which he named Fenrir. Later in Telarus they were introduced to Alexander the half-orsimur paladin. Alexander has not been officially accepted as a member of Victoriam Ruinam.hile they were in Telarus Alexander decided that he did not fit in with the group and chose to leave during the night and not leave any contact information for them to call upon him.   Additionally, during a covert assignment for The Crimson Foxes, Ludovicus encountered Chester Botkins without knowing who he was. Chester then proceeded to follow Victoriam Ruinam around Telarus. Eventually they agreed to let him adventure with them into the Mines on the mission for Taleila Wyneewood.   Following their exploits within the Mines near Telarus, Taleila Wyneewood conviced King Desmond Cosculas to gift them Howlester Keep as reward for the rescue of Veshlina Amberwing and clearing the mines of dangers. Upon reaching the keep to establish as a base of opperations they chose to hire on a crew of guards including Taralok Stormhammer, Jayvira Freestep, Cithrael Miradam, Locklin Reez, and Cottar Bramblethorn.   During their travels through the Wolf Howl Woods they group encountered Maurice a Devilkin assassin and after a bit of her proving herself they permitted her to travel with them. Though she has not been formally accepted as a member of Victoriam Ruinam, she is considered to be a part of the group and after some more time, proving herself she may in fact become a full member.


Victoriam Ruinam was given a keep known as Howlester Keep act as a home/base of operations in the Kingdom of Sleora, as a reward by King Desmond Cosculas for service to the kingdom.   After obtaining some rare magical Demon Plate Armor they decided to sell it to the owner of Pandora's Box Thelyre the Devilkin purveyor of magical objects. This sale left the group with a substantial sum of gold, which they carry with them on their adventures.
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