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The Epitaph

The Epitaph is a guild of highly trained assassins often referred to as "Death's Scribes, originating in Xadiu the Capital of the Kingdom of Xelathor. They carry out assassination contracts called upon by those whom wish to utilize their deadly services by performing a ritual known as "The Sacrament of Fate's Shiver."    The Epitaph was a once prominent organization among the people of Aurelimoore, but with the destruction of several of their clandestine sanctuaries they have lost a great deal of their prestiege and thus their power.


The Epitaph is led by The Matriarch of the Hopeless with the individual sanctuaries being helmed by Fades. Below the Fades are the Specters, who act as lieutenants. The base level operatives are known as Apperations answering mostly to the Specters, but also their sanctuary's Fade.


The primary sanctuarty of The Epitaph is the Cryptic Athaneum located in the city of Xadiu.

Mori Momento

Guild, Assassins
Training Level
Death's Scribes
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