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Cryptic Athaneum

The Cryptic Athaneum is the primary sanctuary of The Epitaph a guild of skilled assassins.   The Epitaph enclave is expertly concealed deep in the forest on the outskirts of Xadiu. The entrance is cleverly concealed with the aid of high level illusory magic, and should some hapless woodsman or explorer happen to discover its secret location, only those whom know he password may enter its depths.

Purpose / Function

The Cryptic Athaneum acts as the primary sanctuary of The Epitaph. It acts as a home for the members of the Xadiu sect, in addition to being a training ground, poison laboratory, and guildhall. It also houses the sarcophogus of The Matriarch of the Hopeless, who has the ability to hear all instances of The Sacrament of Fate's Shiver.
Founding Date
Unknown beyond that it was sometime long before The Fall of Shards
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Characters in Location