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The Sacrament of Fate's Shiver

The Sacrament of Fate's Shiver is the ritual one performs to open a contract with The Epitaph a guild of highly trained assains known coloquially as the Death's Scribes. Once the Sacrament has been performed it is heard by The Matriarch of the Hopeless, who then uses magic of her own to communicate with one of the Fades under her control and with the help of their Specters they assign an Apperation to complete the contract.


When the ritual is performed a small opening to the void opens connecting the caster to The Matriarch of the Hopeless allowing her to hear the caster plea and open the contract.

Side/Secondary Effects

Once the contract is opened it cannot be reversed and the caster is bound to The Epitaph until the contract has been completed. This binding leaves a mark of a quill in an inkwell made of a human skull in a blood red ink somewhere on the caster's skin. No mater what amount of scrubbing or even attempts to physically remove the mark will find themselves unsuccessful until the contract has been completed.


The rtual breaks through the planes and into the void connecting directly to The Matriarch of the Hopeless and utilizes her inate arcane power.
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Material Components
An effigy must be created utilizing a skull with the petals of a nightshade plant in it' mouth, bones, a fresh heart, and surrounded by a circle of candles. During the ritual's performance the individual performing it must slice their palm and allow their blood to flow onto the effigy to bind and form the contract.
Gestures & Ritual
With the effigy in place among the circle of candles, the ritual requires the one performing the ritual to cut across thier palm and allow their blood to flow onto the effigy. The blood must flow onto the skull, and over the heart. With the blood on the effigy the ritual must commence. The caster must then hold their hands over the effigy and whispering their plea to the void, "Mother, hear my plea. Send your child unto me, stalk thine target, shed their mortal coil and set me free. Mother, hear my plea."
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Effect Duration
The binding lasts until the contract has been completed.
Applied Restriction
it is said that one whom performs the Sacrament leaves a permanent mark on their soul which leaves an unremovable stain upon them. This stain has consequences when one sheds their mortal coil and enters their afterlife.


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