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Veshlina Amberwing

Veshlina Amberwing (a.k.a. Faeora Sylvari, Vesh)

Veshlina is a young and ambitious archeology buff who possesses many arcane gifts, and is at home among the wilds of Aurelimoore. She is a budding cartographer who's maps are starting to gain some renown and are beginning to be sought after. She is known to explore the most dangerous places in search of long forgotten treasures.

Additionally she has created a second personality that is a writer using the pseudonym Faeora Sylvari. Her books are only starting to show up across the realm.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Veshlina is an athletic woman with green eyes, and shoulder length auburn hair. She has a larger bust size, somewhat wider hips, and a round apple shaped ass over top of her lean climber's build

Special abilities

As a changeling she is able to alter her appearance at will. Additionally she is able to alter her appearance to create a horrifying visage to startle her foes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Training with her mother in the arcane arts of her people, Veshlina studied archeology and cartography with her father. Those studies occupied a great deal of her time, she was intensely focused on her studies. Around the time she turned twenty-two her father Gercearus Amberwing went out on one of his expeditions, intending to venture into The Shard Blight. He set out leaving her behind to finish her arcane studies with her mother Elenyphe Amberwing. While finishing her arcane studies, she continued to map out the surrounding areas and set out on several minor excursions to explore various ruins, and chart them along the way. After several months of her father being gone and having no contact with him, even in the form of a letter, her mother grew very worried. In her worry she began eating less and sleeping less, weakening her immune system. As the seasons changed and the weather turned bitterly cold, her mother grew deathly ill.   The winter raged on and her mother's condition worsened, her features going gaunt and soon the fever followed. On the 17th of Glacious, 913 FOS the sickness took Elenyphe into the embrace of The Matron. Calling on her knowledge of cultures past she prepared a funeral pyre and with help conducted the last rites ceremony to allow her mother to pass through the veil and lay her to rest. Taking her final frozen tear and encapsulating it in amber, and commissioning a pendant to wear around her neck that could always act as a reminder, and bring her comfort. With the passing of her mother and her father missing for sometime, she found she had nothing holding her to the location. On her 23rd name day she set out to explore the realm and create maps, all the while searching for her father.   She packed up her belongings and took a portion of her families wealth and put the remainder into a secure location. She locked up the family homestead, looked down at a wood chopping block outside her home, grabbed the axe and set out into the world. Finding that she does not like to remain in one place for long periods of time, she picked up several books along the way along with a calligrapher's kit. Emulating the writing styles of those books she picked up, she stated writing stories of her own, even adopting the pseudonym Faeora Sylvari. Using her changeling ability to adopt a new persona of an Elven woman while writing under this name. She has published a novel titled "A Promise Of Thorns" that is starting to become available in bookstores across the continent of Angimarr.




Her father Gercearus Amberwing taught her the art of cartography from a very young age. As soon as she was old enough to hold a quill and write he taught her to make maps, initially he instructed her in creating copies of his maps and later how to chart her own maps. Once he was satisfied with her cartographic abilities, he began instructing her in archeology. Even taking her along on expeditions to chart new lands and explore ancient ruins. All the while, her mother Elenyphe Amberwing taught her how to control her arcane gifts and become a terramancer sorceress.

Personality Characteristics


Veshlina is searching for her missing father. She also is determined to become the most renowned cartographer of the realm, and seeks to explore and chart all of Aurelimoore. Her secondary personality Faeora Sylvari's goal is to be a famous writer and have her books known throughout the realm.

Vices & Personality flaws

Does not like to be told what she can and cannot do. She expects everyone to be as good at exploring and traveling as she is.


Contacts & Relations

Taleila Wyneewood is a very close friend whom has joined her on many of her archeological excursions. Their relationship has grown from friendship to a romantic relationship.

Social Aptitude

Veshlina is very charismatic, and well spoken. She can be very persuasive, yet also very deceptive when the need arises.
Date of Birth
25, Glacious, 890 FOS
Mid-length Auburn falling to her shoulders
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light Olive Gold
126 lbs
Related Reports
Known Languages
Common, Elven, Dwarven, Primordial, Undercommon

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