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The Shard Blight

When the shards fell, the once thriving kingdom of Yaenivell was utterly destroyed. Death rained from the skies, cities crushed and turned to ruins. The shards released dark magics, creating new untold horrors and imbuing strange new magics in not only the land, but the people or at least what remained of the people as well. The ruins of Yaenivell are now known as The Shard Blight or more commonly the Blightlands.   In the time since the Fall of Shards, the ruins of Yaenivell have become overgrown with strange plants. Though, few travel to the Shard Blight and even fewer return, undead fused with plant-life have been seen in the ruins. Only the bravest dare venture inside the Shard Blight.   At the heart of the Shard Blight lies the ruins of Elesmore, the former capital of the Yaenivell Kingdom. The ruins are now commonly referred to as the Necropolis and are a nexus of Dark Magics, drawing those who seek its power.


The Blightlands are treacherous and dangerous. Between the sheer cliffs and canyons created by the Fall of Shards, and the dense almost jungle-esq vegetation that grows throughout the ruins, every step is perilous.

Fauna & Flora

Little is known about the flora and fauna of the Shard Blight other than they are unnatural and deadly. They appear to be corrupted by the Dark Magics of the shards. Large trees and vines cover the landscape thick with rot and decay. Blights, Treants, Shambling Mounds, other plant based creatures, as well as Spore Zombies, and other undead are common throughout the Shard Blight.
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The Blightlands
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