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Mouldering Germination Gardens

Deep in the necropolis of The Shard Blight  the shamans and druids of The Mouldering cultivate the varies plants and fungi they use for their spells and rituals. Among the things being cultivated is a large crop of Terrorblooms.   Sections of the gardens are dedicated to specific crops. There are sections where blights are cultivated, areas of fungus, among other organic components. The Mouldering have created necro-organic gardeners who work the fields and harvest the crops.

Purpose / Function

This is the primary location that shamans and druids cultivate various organic materials for use by The Mouldering. Here those shamans grow the Terrorblooms before they are taken deeper within the necropolis to the Filth Labs for weaponization and integration.


Set within the Germination Gardens are crops of blights whom are capable of defense. Not to mention the various sentient vines, shambling mounds, and corpse flowers within. As if those weren't enough there are Rot Guardians along the outer portions of the gardens hidden within the putrefied portions of the necropolis. There are also druids and shamans who frequent the gardens.


During the time before The Fall of Shards the gardens of Yaenivell were beautiful. They were a sight to behold and visited by any who came to visit the kingdom, and the queen and those of the high court could frequently be seen wandering about among the copses of exotic plants and statues.   During The Fall of Shards when the Kingdom of Yaenivell was destroyed so were the gardens. In the time since the fall they have become putrid and overgrown. When Xilrora Alrora came to The Shard Blight and formed The Mouldering she tasked the gardeners to farm and cultivate the crops they needed.
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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