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Xilrora Alrora

Xilrora Alrora

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Xilrora is lean and muscular, yet very sultry.

Facial Features

Her face is heart shaped with a very beautiful Elvish tribal tree tattooed across her right cheeks, and a line of black extends from her deep green lower lip to her pointed chin.

Apparel & Accessories

She wears rather revealing hide armor with fungal plate-like protrusions and vines covering her. An obsidian beetle inside an emerald hangs around her neck, and a similar signet ring can be seen on her right index finger. Clutched in her left hand is a gnarled staff of blackwood interwoven with vines and carved scarabs, topped with fungal growth and a jet black stone. On her left ring finger is her marital ring depicting leaves woven among a set of wings made of gold inset with an emerald and an aquamarine stone.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Xilrora is from the the forests to the southeast of the town of Oakhaven, in the Kingdom of Xelathor. Born to a human mother and an elven father, Xilrora grew up with a love of nature and elemental magics. She spent much of her youth training her druidic arts with the elders of her clan, preparing to journey to some of the other druidic clans, to further prepare her for her eventual position as leader of their clan. When she reached the age of twenty-one Xilrora set out on her journey, heading northwest.   Crossing over the mountains and into the Kingdom of Corilla, she made her way to the smaller town of Fairmount. It is there that she met Kira Wildenshale, the first born daughter of a lesser noble house. Kira was a skilled healer, whom help Xilrora heal some minor wounds she had sustained in her travels. They quickly sparked a friendship and spent a great deal of time together.   When Xilrora told Kira about the journey she was on. Kira asked to join her and travel with her. After some persuading Xilrora relented and agreed to let Kira accompany her. Shortly after they set out continuing north to meet with some of the northern druids up near the Kingdom of Nyrenthia and the great unknown. They were unsure of exactly where they would find them, but decided to set out and see where the journey took them. Traveling for weeks together, they grew even closer and became nearly inseparable.   After about two months traveling they reached the Pale, where they heard rumors of a clan of druids beyond the mountains in the Great Unknown. Deciding that these must be the druids they had heard about they set out to meet them. Within the mountains they encountered several dangerous foes, including sabercats, giants, and a remoraz. Far beyond the border mountains well within the Great Unknown, they spotted a white dragon flying far off in the distance.   Continuing forth, they managed to get themselves lost in a heavy snow storm. After several days, the storm finally relented and just as they realized how lost they were, a group of scouts found them. Speaking in the druidic tongue the strangers led them to their settlement. Entering the settlement, Xilrora and Kira were brought before the clan elder a goliath named Gavhik Icestriker Anakalathai. After conversing and feasting with them, Icestriker informed Xilrora that she must travel north and enter the Frozen Temple. Within the temple she must confront the Ice Queen and return with her boon. This is the test for this portion of her journey.



Failures & Embarrassments

Seeing her love Kira Wildenshale burned at the stake for being a heretic. Xilrora had turned down a nobleman as a romantic partner, and as a result he had framed Kira as a cult fanatic committing ritual sacrifice. Being powerless to stop Kira's death has been her biggest failure and is directly responsible for her turn from the kind druidic lover, to the cold, calculating evil she has become.

Personality Characteristics


Swearing vengeance for the death of her love Kira Wildenshale. Her goal is to spread the rot of The Mouldering and destroy the realms of man. Destroying those that get in her way and taking what they love from them, as she herself has suffered.


Contacts & Relations

Former lover of Kira Wildenshale. (Deceased)   Terdoth Longfallow a Fairmount nobleman responsible for Kira's death, is Xilrora's bitter enemy. He is the primary focus of her rage and anger.


Xilrora Alrora

Spouse (Vital)

Towards Kira Wildenshale



Kira Wildenshale

Spouse (Vital)

Towards Xilrora Alrora




In 902 FOS the two met when Kira helped to heal injuries Xilrora had sustained on her journey north. After spending a few weeks together Kira decided that she was going to accompany Xilrora and help her where she could.   On the 3rd of Summaren, 806 FOS the two were married in a secret ceremony among the druids of Xilrora's people.

Chaotic Evil
Current Location
Date of Birth
8th of Tauron, 881 FOS
Year of Birth
881 FOS 35 Years old
Kira Wildenshale (Spouse)
Current Residence
Emerald Green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White turning to a Pale Green
130 Lbs.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Elven, Primordial, Druidic


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