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Weaponizing the Terrorbloom

Having perfected the art of cultivating the Terrorbloom, the next step was to weaponize them. By order of Xilrora Alrora the matriarch of The Mouldering her druids began to work on setting dispersal methods for the spores to be able to weaponize them for use at a large scale.   The Mouldering developed spells to accelerate the growth of the actual terrorblooms. Their next step was to be able to capture the unique spores for easy dispersal. Initial test was to contain the spores within a larger plant based orb, and to cast decompose on the organic material and allow the spores to spread through the air to the surrounding area.   One of the shamans came up with the idea to fill an animated corpse with the Terrorblooms and send them into a town and let the town guards attack them. As the guards blows tore rends in the animated corpse the spores would flow out. Ultimately Xilrora went with the idea of combining both methods to enable the spores to affect the largest number of denizens.   With the dispersal method selected, the next step was to select a target.


Meant to convey the ruthlessness of Xilrora Alrora and her Mouldering. The reoccurring use of the Terrorblooms to great effect.



The shamans and druids of The Mouldering have created a cultivation grounds within the Necropolis of The Shard Blight. These cultivation grounds have come to be known as the Mouldering Germination Gardens. The Terrorblooms are then taken deeper within the ruins to the Filth Labs for weaponization.
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