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These small plants are crowned with purple flowers with pollen clusters that resemble skulls. Those flowers emit a cloud of spores from their pollen clusters that when ingested unleash the targets worst fears. Getting within five feet of the blooms triggers the spores, unleashing your fears. Those afflicted by the terror spores find themselves suffering mental trauma and over time began to find that the physical strain on their bodies to be too much. That physical strain causes the body to weaken and become exhausted until ultimately the body itself expires.   Those who experience extended terror fall unconscious and their terror does not end there. The experience continues while the spores act inflicting a mental and physical curse over the bewitched individual.   The Mouldering has found a way to weaponize these flowers and their spores, cultivating their growth. There are whole copses of them within the Necropolis of The Shard Blight. Using their magics the shamans and druids of The Mouldering have managed to control the growth of these Terrorblooms and can cause them to sprout up as they choose.

Basic Information


Small green spade shaped leaves are topped with a purple large petal flower. At it's center the pollen clusters where the spores reside appear to be in the visage of skulls.

Biological Traits

Approaching within five feet of a bloom requires a DC 15 wisdom save. Failing this save results in the target experiencing their worst fears. Afflicted target takes 1D6 points of psychic damage at the start of their turn, repeat the save at the end of your turn each round. Failure of 5 saves results in the spores taking hold cursing the afflicted, you immediately fall unconscious receiving 1 level of exhaustion, and start making death saves each round. 3 failed "death saves" results in the target becoming comatose while trapped in their terror.   At this point a remove curse spell is required to save the target from their affliction. After falling comatose the terror doesn't stop. Every two hours a comatose target is afflicted by the terror they accrue one additional level of exhaustion. After ten continuous hours in the this comatose terrorized state an afflicted dies.
Scientific Name


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