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The Mouldering

Members of the Mouldering lurk in the fungus-encrusted tunnels, undercity, and ruins of the former Kingdom of Yaenivell, now known as The Shard Blight. As a guild of reanimated rot, spore-encrusted corpses and mossy mausoleums, they revere the natural cycles of life and death. The Mouldering believed you can't truly live until you die. With its vast horde of undead that serve as both standing army and labor force, the Mouldering operate in The Shard Blight, slowly taking over abandoned and derelict areas like a fetid slime mould.   The Mouldering is like the two sides of the same coin, the embodiment of both life and death. Fully embracing the power of the rot to fuel their death magics, all the while utilizing their link to life magics to foster the growth of fungi and various forms decay. Dipping into their primal connection and the fungal spores flowing through their veins, many have control of swarms in addition to the life and death magics they possess.   Their leader, the near lich Xilrora Alrora, guides them forth in vengeance against the civilized world. They seek to reclaim the realm and spread the rot and growth of the spores throughout the civilization. Their ultimate goal is to turn the entire world into one big necropolis and expand their influence. Those that fall in their rise to power, are reclaimed by the rot to become their latest thralls.   Focusing on using blights and their spores to create new undead thralls. These Necromantic-Druids are out to bring order. Undead-order. Weaving their life and death magics together in intricate tapestries, it is not uncommon for them to have undead horrors that are made up of both plants, as well as flesh and bone. The spores within their bodies excretes to create new undead thralls from any that fall around them.   Controlling the green around them they are able to block off exits and grasp their prey to draw them closer. Unleashing swarms of insects, rats, and blights on their foes once within range.   It is not unheard of for them to recruit trolls, giant insects, fungus covered frogs, or even for them to corrupt treants to bring them under their control. There are even some among them who are able to control swarms of rats. These rat-mancers are able to spread pestilence and the dangerous spores through large cities, getting into the sewer systems and waterways.   Similarly to a swarm of insects, the Mouldering seem to behave more like a single organism than as a group of individuals. Acting as the scavengers and decomposers of society, striving to become the apex predators. Fostering virulent plagues with the intent to release them in major population centers and bringing all of the realm under their undead, fungal grasp.


Rising from the Ruins of the former Kingdom of Yaenivell, the Mouldering embraced the rot. Knowing that death is the other side of the coin of life, doing their best to restore order to the natural cycle of life and death. When The Fall of Shards happened several of the shards fell in the same area combining the magics of Life and Death. Imbuing spores with the powers of both.

All that lives must also die, but sometimes is returned to the living... mostly.

Founding Date
911 FOS
Guild, Mages
Head of Government
Government System
Controlled Territories
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