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Kingdom of Nyrenthia

The kingdom of Nyrenthia is a young kingdom whose bloodline of Nyrenthian kings begins after The Fall of Shards. The kingdom is expanding, but not through conquest. It is generally considered to be a peaceful kingdom, and not prone to attacking other kingdoms or infringing upon their lands.   The Nyrenthians are a hearty people who are no stranger to the dangers of the world. Bordering the Great Unknown frost giants, ice wraiths, and white dragons are a constant threat.


A large portion of the citizens are made up of Humans, Half-Elves, and Dwarves, though Goliaths and other races are not as prevalent they are not unheard of. In fact Goliath population is on the rise along with the Half-Orsimur. While these two races have generally been considered outcasts in other societies, they seem to be thriving in Nyrenthia, perhaps its the more harsh conditions or perhaps it is that Nyrethians have adopted the philosophy of the strength to survive.


The kingdom of Nyrenthia is ruled by various nobles that govern lands under King Audrel of the House Torrieth.


Founded in the year 643 FOS by King Lothias Torrieth, named after his wife Nyrellen. Lothias was a Lord of a small hold, who brought together the men of the neighboring towns and villages to fight off the Dragon Xysyrrun the White. Xysyrrun flew down from the Great Unknown bringing his icy wrath to lay waste and further increase his domain. Using his guile Lothias  formulated a plan to thwart the dragon's plans. Lothias thrust his blade through Xysyrrun's heart mortally wounding him, ultimately slaying him. Lothias and his men returned with the corpse of Xysyrun, thus earning him the name Lothias Slayer of the White.   With Xysyrrun slain and the threat eliminated, Lothias moved to organize an army to protect their lands. Its at this point that his brothers in arms rallied to crown him as king. Fashioning a crown from scales and bones of the slain Xysyrrun, a coronation ceremony was organized and Lothias was crowned King Lothias Slayer of the White. A throne was commissioned to be created from some of the remains of Xysyrrun, and the remainder was sold off to help the kingdom thrive.


Nyrenthia is along the northernmost border in the continent of Anngimar. To their north is the Great Unknown.

Natural Resources

Timber from the forests, and ore from the mines in the surrounding mountains are some of the Nyrenthians key resources.
Founding Date
643 FOS
Alternative Name(s)
National Territory
Inhabitant Demonym
Included Locations

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