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Terdoth Longfallow (Ter-Doth Long-Fallow)

Baron Terdoth Longfallow

Terdoth Longfallow was born to a noble family in Fairmount. Through a series of tragic "accidents" he has become the sole survivor of his family, and with the death of his father Taron he inherited all their assets including the estate. His unbound ambition has a way of getting what he wants, or if he can't have it making it so that no one will. His charismatic nature has awarded him a great deal of prestige and assists his political maneuvering in effort to gain more power.   He is responsible for the death of Kira Wildenshale, which is ultimately the key factor in Xilrora Alrora's fall and her creation of the Mouldering.   His occult studies have led him to become a warlock to Rhis'tyrn the Archlich.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Chiseled features with a clean shaven face.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

At the age of eleven he came across an ancient tome, in which contained a ritual used to contact a dark presence. He took the tome and one of his father's bejeweled daggers before making his way out into the nearby woods to a secluded basin within the ancient ruins hidden therein to enact the ritual. The ritual required him to have take a dagger and slice across his palm and let his blood flow over a human skull placed in the basin while encanting ancient arcane words.   Performing the ritual the skull was magically encased in the flowing blood, where it then floated above the basin. As Terdoth looked on in awe, two orbs of blue light glowed within the sockets of the skull as the jaw moved and a deep raspy voice emanated from unseen vocal cords. "Who has disturbed me and what do you seek?"   "I... I am Terdoth of the noble Longfallow House. I seek power and the secrets to immortality... my Lord."   Laughing manically the skull said. "Young Terdoth, do you know who I am? Do you know the power you have called upon?"   "You are Rhis'tyrn the Archlich. Your power is dark and immense. I wish to step into that pool even is only to taste a small portion of that power."   "Right you are my boy. I have the ability to grant you some of my power, but that power comes at a cost. Should I grant you a taste of my power you will be mine, and you must do my bidding. Do you agree to my terms."   Without hesitation Terdoth said "Yes Lord Rhis'tyrn I agree to become yours." With that oath the blood turned black and flowed off the skull back into Terdoth's palm, the wound stayed open though blood stopped flowing out of it. The skull lowered to the basin and when he looked upon it, the skull was no longer a blank skull, but was covered in arcane runes.   "Take the skull, we'll talk soon..." hissed in his head. Gathering up the skull, dagger, and tome he set off to return home.   His mother Caelin died when he was twelve years old after he pushed her down the stairs of their family home. After watching her fall, he stood staring down at her as her neck lay at an unnatural angle on the bottom step before turning and going to the family library to feign ignorance in her death as Rhis'tyrn congratulated him from within his head. When his father came to him with the dire news he played the heartbroken son as was to be expected.   Years later he took interest in a young noblewoman by the name of Kira Wildenshale. Doing everything in his power to be around her at every opportunity, flaunting his family's money in an attempt to woo her. Her gentle heart led her to care for the sick and the injured of the lower class citizens of Fairmount. This angered him as he saw these urchins and peasants as nothing more than cattle and considered them to be far below him.   In 902 FOS the half-elven druid Xilrora Alrora came into town and Kira was one of the first to meet her. She used her healing skills to help the druid heal the minor injuries she had sustained on her journey north. The two became fast friends, a fact which made Terdoth very angry. In the following weeks the two spent more and more time together before Kira decided she would accompany Xilrora north on her druidic journey.   During the time that Kira and Xilrora were gone Terdoth was forming a plan that would fix the matter. He could not let that druid take Kira from him. In secret he began crafting evidence that Kira was doing occult rituals and practicing dark magics. Biding his time he built up his proof against her as a way to refute her inevitable claims that she was not an occultist. Additionally he plotted with Rhis'tyrn his Archlich patron to frame her for a ritual to sacrifice a child.


Heterosexual Sadist


His noble upbringing brought him the best of education. He was taught by the highest of scholars his fathers money could buy. Vast amounts of books and tomes were purchased to fill out their rather large library. As he grew older he took an extreme interest in the occult and secreted away rare tomes and texts in an attempt to learn forbidden knowledge.

Intellectual Characteristics

Terdoth has always had an interest in the occult, especially in relation to immortality and gaining of power.


Contacts & Relations

His warlock patron is Rhis'tyrn the Archlich.   He sought to make Kira Wildenshale his, but when it turned out she was in love with the druid Xilrora Alrora he framed her for occult rituals and sacrifices. This resulted in her being burned at the stake and ultimately led to Xilrora's fall and her creation of The Mouldering.
Chaotic Evil
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Terdoth became the Baron of Fairmount with the untimely passing of his father Taron.
Date of Birth
23rd of Leondais
Year of Birth
874 FOS 42 Years old
Current Residence
Longfallow Manor
Dark Brown
Slicked black pulled into a long ponytail
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
6' 2"
212 lbs.
Known Languages
Terdoth can read, write, and speak Common, Elvish, Draconic, and Abyssal.

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