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Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Carries a mace with vines going up the shaft. Green and white scale mail.

Specialized Equipment

Has a set of goggles that mimic the eyes and beak of an eagle, know as the Eyes of the Eagle.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Gaius never knew his parents, as a babe he was left on the steps to a Temple of Murasion  in the Kingdom of Xelathor. A Dwarf woman by the name of Rynlen Burrowfury found him there when she came to the temple, drawn by his cry in the chilly air. As she picked him up and looked around to see who had left such a wee child all alone on the steps of the temple, saw that there wasn't anyone else around. She pulled back the blanket and looked upon his tiny blue face and saw the charm around his wrist that read Gaius.   "Well, I guess that's your name. Gaius I'll look after you as if you were my own babe." With that she swaddled him up and entered the temple to commune with the Bountiful Matriarch.   Gaius grew up under Rynlen's care. She taught him about Murasion the Goddess of Nature and her teachings. He learned to protect the natural order of things and over time he began to learn to channel her power. As he learned more and more, he began to show signs of being able to wield divine magics.
Divine Classification
Date of Death
11th of Lumose, 915 FOS
Year of Death
915 FOS
Undercut with long green hair pulled back in a ponytail on top.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale Blue
5' 5"
150 Lbs.
Related Reports
Known Languages
Common, Elven, Dwarven


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