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Eivnudionth, Lord of the Black

Lord of the Black Eivnudionth (a.k.a. Eivnu (Morifinwë form))

Eivundionth Lord of the Black is the ancient black and purple wyrm ruler of the city of Nárarmr, coloquially known as "Corpse City." He has been in existance since before The Fall of Shards and in its wake he became the ruler of Nárarmr through his cleverness and guile. It is not common knowledge that he is in fact a dragon, most only know that he is an ageless Morifinwë necromancer of immense power who rules their island.   The Chosen of the Deathless act as Eivundionth's royal guard and the leaders of his Order of the Deathless.

Physical Description

Facial Features

In his humanoid form he appears to be a Morifinwë Elf with darker gray skin and long white hair. His eyes glow with the green of necromancy though his irises are a golden hue, while his facial features are tight and chiseled. His chin down onto his neck it tattooed with a purple streak that flows beneath his robes.   While in his draconic form Eivnudionth's iris' are a deep golden yellow flecked with the green of necromancy and faintly glow with energy. A crown of black metal with an ebony jewel resting at its center crests the ridge of his brow coming down between his eyes across the across the bridge of his snout, four great horns protrude atop his sharp skull. His sharp angular jaw houses countless sharp teeth, the scales on his lower jaw and down his chest are a majestic purple contrasting against the black obsidian of his prominant scales.

Special abilities

Eivnudionth being a dragon has a number of abilities at his disposal, including the ability to change form. With this he typically choses a Morifinwë man, but can choose others should the need arise. Time has allowed him to develop resistances that allow him to shake off effects a number of times a day. He has two powerful breath weapons. The first of which is a necrotic breath that can reach a sixty foot cone, trapping those within in the cold embrace of death. As the necrotic energy surrounds them it begins to wither their flesh and equipment starting the process of decay. His second breath weapon is one of charm, those within become charmed by Eivnudionth for a minute should they fail a wisdom save. Only becoming able to try again should he harm them, shaking its effects on a successful save.   In addition to his powerful breath weapons, Eivnudionth gives off a frightening presence. He can coalesce his malace and the necrotic energies of his arcane power into a powerful stare that only those of the strongest of will can withstand without becoming filled with fear of him.   Of course as a powerful arcanist he has a number of spells at his disposal that he weilds with ease. His time in the realm has allowed him endless years to study and learn powerful and long forgotten spells and grow his power utilizing them. Should the need arise he can Warp Perception once a day, without the requirements of spell components.   As if these werent enough, being a dragon he can attack with tooth, claw, wing, and tail. He is a formidable melee combatant in his draconic form in addition to being a powerful arcanist.

Apparel & Accessories

In his Morifinwë form he wears tight fitting trousers and tunic with flowing back robes, In his hand he carries a staff that appears crowned with a effigy of a draconic skull.   While in his draconic form Eivnudionth wears a cape held in place with two arcane pendants at the shoulders, armoured skirt at his hips clasped with a belt and golden looping amulet, and atop his brow rests a crown.

Wealth & Financial state

Over the millenia of his existance Eivundionth has ammassed enormous amounts of wealth. He has currated his own personal library, magical artifacts, phylactories, ancient scrolls, and all manner of curriosities.
Current Residence
Golden yellow flecked with necromancy green
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Dwarvish, Draconic, Abyssal, Infernal, and Primordial


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