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Nárarmr (Nar-Arm -Ere)

Nárarmr is an island city located on the largest of the northern islands of the continent Aegis. The city is known among the nearby folke as "Corpse City," though this is mostly meant a derogatory statement. The denizens of Nárarmr are all purveyors of the macabre, they have a very "creepy" aesthetic to their whole society. Ruled over by Eivnudionth, Lord of the Black, meanwhile the Order of the Deathless maintain order and their commanderate the Chosen of the Deathless also act as the royal guard for Eivnudionth.


Nearly 70 percent of the denizens of Nárarmr are Morifinwë Elves. It is estimated that around 10 percent of the population is made up of various undead, spirits, vampires, and the like. About 17 percent of the population is made up of all manner of lineages including Humans, Dwarves, Devilkin, and Half-Elves. The remaining 3 percent is comprised of Gnomes, Goliaths, Orcs, Half-Orcs, and Sylvurco.


Nárarmr is defended by a group known as the Order of the Deathless, they are the acting military and policing of the island.

Points of interest

Nárarmr is home to Aurelimoore's largest temple to The Matron, rumored to be resting place of one of her champions. Within the Relic District lies the The Athenaeum of Reliquary, a massive library that in addition to tomes, scrolls, and other written works is home to a number of phalactories. The Citadel De Moritori is home to the Order of the Deathless and deep beneath the citadel lies the Tenebris Dungeons where those who break the law or earn Eivnudionth's displeasure find themselves.
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Corpse City, Dead Isle
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