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Citadel De Moritori

The Citadel De Moritori is the home of the Order of the Deathless, additionally deep beneath it lies the Tenebris Dungeons. This former temple to the goddess Liliose Goddess of Death has long since been conscripted as the headquarters of the island of Nárarmr's constabulary and standing army the Order of the Deathless. As time went on with the rise in popularity of The Matron as a goddess, following The Fall of Shards she became incorporated into the Cathedral De Moritori and it motifs.   As the Order of the Deathless became the constabulary and standing army of Nárarmr, the need arose for a dungeon to house those who broke the laws and prisoners of the state. This brought forth the construction of the Tenebris Dungeons deep in the bowels of the citadel, constructed below the catacombs directly beneath the Citadel de Moritori.

Purpose / Function

The Citadel De Moritori is the headquarters of the Order of the Deathless and houses the Tenebris Dungeons meant to house those whom break the laws of Nárarmr or find themselves not in the good graces of Eivnudionth, Lord of the Black.


The Citadel De Moritori is a grand gothic cathedral, with its massive pointed arches, intricate rib vaults, and flying butresses. Countless examples of stained glass and elaborate tracery can be found throughout the citadel. Imagery of the goddesses Liliose Goddess of Death and The Matron, along with other death related depictions can be found all over the cathedral. Its high arched ceilings further add the grandiose aspect of the Cathedral De Moritori.
Acropolis / Citadel
Parent Location
Connected Rooms
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