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Orcs are aggressive, combative, and dangerous, and are one of the most feared humanoid races in all of Aurelimoore. They are a nomadic people who break off into various clans and war bands, that raid and plunder across the realm. Their powerful build and large tusks give them a very menacing look, couple that with their savage, brutal ways and you have a rather destructive force that few choose to oppose.   They tend to leave half-orcs and sylvurco in their wake, rarely with willing recipients.

Basic Information


Humanoid with two arms, and two legs. They tend to have large tusks protruding from the lower jaw.

Growth Rate & Stages

Reach adulthood at 15 and typically live to be 80 years old unless they are killed in battle.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Traditional orcish culture is extremely warlike and when not at war the race is usually planning for it. Most Orcs approach life with the belief that to survive, one has to subjugate potential enemies and control as many resources as possible, putting them naturally at odds with other races as well as each other.   They live by a take what you want, by whatever means necessary mentality. Male Orcs dominate most orcish societies and females are usually, at best, prized possessions and little better than livestock at worst. That being said, there are orc clans lead by female orcs, who have forced their male counterparts into subservience. Orcs pride themselves on their number of scars from battle and rituals, as well as the possession of slaves, though relatively few own them.   Most orcs didn't build cities of their own, instead relying on those left behind by others and improving their fortifications or operating out of small camps and dens, often in natural caves. Orcs are experienced smiths and iron workers, though their tools are often inferior to those of more disciplined races, often resulting in jagged edges to their weapons and armor.   Most orcs are part of a confederation of tribes, loosely held together by a despotic chieftain. Bands within these alliances might have wandered far from their homelands, but continued to greet those orcs who belonging to the same tribal network as kin. Orcish bloodragers are champions of their tribe, who used primal strength and ferocity to overcome their enemies. Many are bodyguards or lower-ranking chiefs within the tribal structure.

Facial characteristics

Distinctive boar-like tusks protrude from the lower jaw.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Darkvision They can see in dim light within 60 feet as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. They can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Typically read and write Common, and Orcish.
Genetic Descendants
80 years
Average Height
Over 6'
Average Length
220 - 315 lbs.
Average Physique
Orcs vary in appearance, based on region and subrace, but all share certain physical qualities. Orcs of all kinds usually have grayish skin, coarse hair, stooped postures, low foreheads, large muscular bodies, and porcine faces that feature lower canines that resembled boar tusks. Many also had wolf-like ears that were pointed on the ends, similar to elves. Orcs are roughly the same size as humans and other similar humanoids, though usually robust and very muscular.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Typically have a grayish, or sometimes an drab olive greenish, or even pale leathery brown skin tone. Often they will adorn themselves with various tattoos and warpaint distinguishing their tribes, and various other meanings.


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