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Mordena Security Council

The Mordena Security Council has spread its agents across the factions, while also ensuring the safety and protection of the Mordena's highest ranking leaders. All intelligence gathered by the Mordena and their agents passes through the Council.


The Security Council maintains a loose, yet flexible organization, allowing for a clear chain of command outside the Grand Armada while still operating largely on reputation and skill. Members are addressed as Agent, rather than their full rank of Intelligence Officer. Teams of agents report to their assigned Senior Intelligence Officer, who works with their staff to manage assignments and compile finalized reports. Each Senior Intelligence Officer reports directly to the Security Council Navarch, who stands on equal footing with the Navarch of Public Relations and the Navarch of the Grand Armada.   The Grand Navarch officially oversees the entire operation, although the day to day decisions are largely kept to the Navarch outside of urgent and pressing business.  

Dual Loyalties

Some Intelligence Operatives are also members of the Grand Armada, in addition to their responsibilities toward the Security Council. These agents typically use their traditional ranks within the armada for their daily activities but may be recalled for Security Council duty at any time by the Security Council Navarch, unless overridden by another Navarch. These agents, most notably Lieutenant Yaevin "Scout" Felix and his contingent of HMJ Ambition battle mages, often serve as body guards and other special duty personnel for Mordena Public Relations. Scout has in fact been offered the position of Security Council Navarch on multiple occasions, but has repeatedly turned down the offer in favor of remaining Navarch Jake Lawrence's bodyguard.  

The Phoenix Assembly

The Phoenix Assembly also falls under the jurisdiction of the Mordena Security Council, despite its official status as a criminal organization. In addition to its work providing false papers and new beginnings for those wishing to erase their past, the Baden-based network maintains an impressive information network in its own right, feeding all intel back to their Navarch.

Public Agenda

The Security Council is open about its priorities, while remaining rather secretive about the majority of its members. Well-known as the intelligence arm of the Mordena, its members remain cautious about displaying the inverted gromdornis logo unless they wish to reveal their identity.   As a result, those assigned as security personnel for Jake Lawrence are frequently open about their affiliation to the Council, often bearing the brunt of scrutiny while allowing their more secretive members to remain undetected. Several undercover Agents have also served as regulars on The List, allowing the openness of a romantic affiliation with Jake Lawrence to obscure their official membership within the Mordena.
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