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Lieutenant Yaevin Felix

Lieutenant Felix Yaevin (a.k.a. Scout)

"Yaevin?"   Their young, gray katanoj escort stepped forward to salute his Lieutenant, tail twitching a staccato cadence as he grinned. "Yes, Ma'am?"   "Escort our friend. If there's any trouble waiting for them, make sure you find it first."   Green eyes glittered in the starlit night, accompanied by an eager anticipation. "With pleasure."
  Assigned as an advanced scout for special missions early in his SAF conscription, Felix Yaevin now serves the Mordena, living for the thrill of the mission and the sense of pride for a job well done. He has maintained his upbeat personality despite his conscription into the Confederation due to the short duration of his service, the Turncoat Armada surrendering to Shane Lawrence at the Battle for Baden mere months after his assignment to the SCS Relentless and Admiral Kydell. A favorite of the Mordena Security Council, Scout mainly serves as Jake Cartwright Lawrence's bodyguard and part time lover.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Progress was slow despite Yaevin's clear talents in mountain climbing, the rock face crumbling and chossy, the former steps adding more hazard than help from their centuries of neglect, and Feels found themself marveling at their escort's ability to navigate the challenges in the dark. At several points the muscular cat began to slide toward the cliff edge, Feels preparing an emergency healing spell in case of the worst despite Yaevin's constant emotions of confidence, but the katanoj always managed to snag a pinch in the stone just in time.
  Felix is well versed in methods of stealth, climbing, camoflauge, and blending into his surroundings. He has also mastered Oramathea, Anemancy, and Telepathy courtesy of his military training, allowing him to enhance his sight, hearing, and observation skills to obtain information more readily before linking with a nearby unit to share his observations and even experiences.   While Felix is recognized as an expert in the field, and highly valued and prized by his teams during missions, the katanoj maintains his cheerful and calm disposition, readily allowing others to take credit for their accomplishments with his scouting support without demanding their public gratitude in return. For Felix's part, he prefers to savor the quiet of his personal life rather than pushing into the spotlight. To him, the thrill of the mission and the trust of others in his abilities to succeed in the next mission are reward enough.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The youngest child of his branch of the Yaevin Family and born long after his older siblings, Felix often found himself with time on his hands as his parents and older siblings dealt with the daily trappings of maintaining their political standing within the Confederation. Ever curious by nature, the young katanoj spent this free time devising ways to move undetected, first obtaining access to his Family's secret files and then slowly working his way through those of the neighbors.   When encountering situations where his present skills failed to overcome the current obstacle, Felix became adept at identifying the most useful skill to resolve the issue, often then teaching himself to rectify the gap in his abilities. Camouflage, climbing, and stealth soon became his three favorite methods, encompassing the majority of his plan in most situations.   While in some cases the unauthorized access to secret Family files was discovered, Felix remained careful in covering his tracks to the point his identity was never discovered. The katanoj remained particularly careful to limit his thefts to information, not property, ensuring the more specialized task forces were never loosed on his trail. Most Families weighed the benefits of identifying the thief with the risks to their standing should the accessed information be released to the public before concluding an investigation liable to cause more harm than good.


Gay, Polyamorous


With a twist of Yaevin's finger the cave lit up in a myriad of colors and information, Feels' vision now covering an assortment of spectrums in addition to augmenting the faint dawning light able to penetrate their pathway into the rocks.   "Thaumathea," Feels whispered in admiration. "Always wondered how you vision mages saw the world. It's beautiful."
  Already skilled in finding ways to go where he shouldn't, Felix was caught breaking into his instructor's office shortly after his Conscription. Rather than turn him in for the cheating attempt she had him transferred to the Sparnell Special Forces, where he was assigned the role of scout and trained accordingly, including mage training in the mastery of Thaumathea vision spellwork and sound-enhancing Anemancy, plus Telepathy.   Finally encouraged to further his talents, Felix excelled, quickly earning the favor of his classmates. Upon graduation to the fleet Felix was assigned to the SCS Relentless at the recommendation of his original instructor and the personal request of another of her former students, Commodore Javon.


"No need," the katanoj purred. "Telepathy. I'm a scout, not a Battle Mage. Want me to link you to the Captain? Or someone else?"
  An enthusiastic and talented advanced scout with an admirable tendency toward discretion and stealth, Felix now serves as a favorite operative of the Mordena Security Council. To this day Navarch Garrick Talin and Senior Intelligence Officer Selva Blavir provide the katanoj with first pick of the critical and most challenging intelligence gathering missions, and Felix is only more happy to reward the trust they place in him with exemplary results.   Over time Scout's primary mission evolved until he now serves as Jake Cartwright Lawrence's unofficial personal bodyguard when the heir to the Mordena conducts business away from Janikk, a relationship both professional and personal in nature. Scout has taken the Oath to Jake, the necromantic link interwoven with a Telepathy spell to allow the pair to communicate securely at any distance.

Mental Trauma

Felix never lost his optimistic worldview despite his time spent as a conscript in the Sparnell Special Forces, having surrendered to Shane Lawrence along with the rest of the Turncoat Armada months after his seventeenth birthday, a mere Second Petty Officer of the Sparnell Armed Forces. As a result he has often found himself consoling those with less fortunate histories, assuring them happiness is possible within the Mordena despite their prior misfortunes.


Contacts & Relations

As a competent and fun loving Advanced Scout with a joy for his work with the Mordena as the right hand of Navarch Jake Lawrence, Scout has cultivated connections across all branches of the mercenary organization. A vast array of information makes its way through his personal communications, often accompanied by communications of a more personal nature. Those intimidated by the Navarch will often reach to Felix first, as well, and while he holds the rank of a mere Lieutenant those in the know recognize him with the honors and respect due someone far above his station.  

Family Ties

Scout serves as bodyguard to Jake Cartwright Lawrence, accompanying him on diplomatic missions and leading his security detail. The katanoj has taken the Oath to Jake, a telepathic link entwined with the spell to allow the pair to communicate securely regardless of distance, the casting allowing both parties to send simple messages at will or widen the link to share more.   The two are also lovers, although certainly not exclusively. Scout often teases that he will "win Jake's heart," but the comments are intended to elicit Jake's reaction rather any adjustment to their current arrangement. They remain content in their open relationship, Felix even creating and maintaining The List, supposedly a waiting list for those seeking to try their luck on a romantic outing with the Mordena heir, a project Jake has accepted with equal parts grace, pleasure, and amusement.

Social Aptitude

Felix is cocky and self confident, and while he will suppress these mannerisms while on duty around the general public, in private among the Mordena he is very clearly comfortable in his own skin and with his own accomplishments. He will wear as little as possible, foregoing every article of clothing his present company will allow, and as a result spends a lot of time without a shirt.   He prefers to eat with his fingers and lick both them and his plate clean, often seductively, depending upon his meal companions.


Scout is remarkably physical in nature, with a vocal preference for men although he will not object to enthusiastic backrubs or scritchies from anyone who has earned his trust. He's also particularly generous with reciprocation. When not on duty Felix will often rub his cheeks sensuously against those he considers close friends, even in public, as a casual greeting.  

Hobbies & Pets

Felix is a rather talented amateur artist, decorating his quarters with landscapes he has painted on his own. They help him relax after difficult days, particularly if the day turned violent, and keep him centered on the good he accomplishes and the people he helps.   Due to his Oramathea these tend to include more colors than the average eye can see, with different hues than expected. When asked he will mention he paints as it is on the inside, not as it's seen on the outside. He's also been known to gift his art to friends, in the form of landscapes he believes they will enjoy and even the occasional portrait.


Jake Cartwright Lawrence

Navarch (Vital)

Towards Lieutenant Yaevin Felix


Lieutenant Yaevin Felix

bodyguard (Vital)

Towards Jake Cartwright Lawrence


Known Magic
Portal Travel
Shielding Magic
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Scout, Lieutenant
Year of Birth
2272 EVT 40 Years old
Current Residence
piercing green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
gray fur
Quotes & Catchphrases
What's the worst that could happen.
— Scout
That one's trouble.
— Scout
I can see trouble coming for a mile away. Especially when I look in the mirror.
— Scout
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations
Lieutenant Yaevin "Scout" Felix by Astron
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