Grand Navarch

Leader of the Mordena

Well, I thought it sounded Grand.
— Grand Navarch Shane Lawrence
  Grand Navarch, equivalent to Grand Admiral in most naval organizations, is the rank and title held by the leader of the Mordena. The role is for life, and possibly beyond depending upon the Afterlife Planning chosen by its holder, although Mordena Founder Shane Lawrence set the precedent of a single lifetime after stepping down upon his death in favor of leading the MORTAC.


The rumors are true. My father sacrificed his life in The Evacuation of Garnell so that our research team could escape the supernova, one last example of who he was as a leader and the esteem he felt towards every one of us. My father cast a long shadow, and yet he always found a way to shine a light on our accomplishments, even to the detriment of recognition for his own.   But he would not want us to dwell on the past, although he will be sorely missed. My promise to you is to strive my hardest to emulate his leadership as we adapt to a future without Grand Navarch Shane Lawrence at the helm. He built our proud fellowship, and now it is our job to show him that the Mordena will stand forever as a testament to everything he believed to be important in the universe. I only hope my attempts at stewardship of this great dream will live up to his example.
— Grand Navarch Jake Cartwright Lawrence
  The Grand Navarch bears the responsibility of the entire Mordena, from their choice in allies to their accepted jobs to the wellbeing of their members. While most of these tasks are delegated to others within the command staff these decisions and their outcomes will ultimately reflect upon the Grand Navarch.   The original bearer of the rank, Shane Lawrence, bore the majority of blame for the organization's failures while publicly elevating those under his command for their successes. His successors strive to follow his example.  
I will gladly take the brunt of the hate the Universe directs at us. Someone has to carry it, and I have broad shoulders. My people have a job to do, and this gives them the space to do it.   Besides. If everyone's aiming at me then it's easier for the others to sneak up behind them.
— (Former) Grand Navarch Shane Lawrence
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Form of Address
Equates to
Fleet Admiral
Lord High Marshal of the Hydell Order
Length of Term
Lifetime, or longer
First Holder
Current Holders
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