Mordena Tactical HiveMind Supercomputer

It's not what you know that matters, so much as how you use it.
Commander Ar'lizz Raventail
  The MORTAC HiveMind Supercomputer serves as Mordena's secret superweapon in all encounters, both political and military. In truth the AI Supercomputer serves more as a Think Tank of the greatest minds in Mordena history, and an opportunity for those who have ascended past the mortal planes to choose to continue assisting the famed Mordena Mercenaries.   The HiveMind is led by Minder Shane Lawrence, the original founder of the Mordena.


Each member of the MORTAC HiveMind presides over their own area of expertise, analyzing the situations and information provided to formulate their own recommendations and response. Former Grand Navarch Shane Lawrence serves as the unifying voice for The Mind, weighing the recommendations of its members before presenting a unified and cohesive analysis of the situation. The members of MORTAC have no formal command authority within the Mordena, but recommendations from The Mind carry weight in any decision process.


MORTAC was the brainchild of Jake Lawrence, a gifted Programmer and an esteemed Navarch within the Mordena. It was his belief the Mordena could retain the experience and insight of their best minds through the construction of a tyrellium crystal supercomputer and voluntary necromantic soulbinding. His father, then-Grand Navarch Shane Lawrence, recognized the brilliance in Jake's plan and approved the project.  
Honestly I don't think it's possible, but I've been surprised before, and that kid needs a hobby.

Creation of the HiveMind

While soulbound AI was not a new concept, and in fact already formed the backbone of many intelligent technologies and devices, MORTAC was a project on an entirely different scale. Building a supercomputer capable of housing an ever expanding collection of souls, while allowing each to seamlessly interface with the others yet still maintaining their individuality, encompassed a larger scope than any prior AI efforts. And this is before considering the full intended capabilities, including multiple backup hubs, and support for an unlimited number of interfaces spread across the universe.  
I'll admit it looks to be an impossible task. No one has even dreamed of pushing the limits of AI and computing on any scale remotely close. But that's exactly why we have to try. They'll never see it coming!
  To begin, Jake focused his team on the core of the project, the main hub and interface. Selecting Mordena's capital world Janikk as its primary hub they set to work on a defended underground datacenter. After many years of research and development Jake' s team decided on a design where each new soul would be bound in their own tyrellium crystal, allowing new members and programming to be added in a modular fashion.   Preliminary testing of this construction showed promise and so an extended construction project soon followed, resulting in a Cryogenically-cooled facility several stories below the surface of Janikk. All that remained was to identify their first resident.  
Now we just need someone brave enough to test it out, and genius enough to make our efforts worthwhile...   This may be our biggest challenge yet!

The Evacuation of Garnell

Not long after the completion of construction, the Mordena were called to defend their weapons research facility in the Garnell System from an attack by the Sparnell Confederation. Grand Navarch Shane Lawrence was lost in the resultant Evacuation of Garnell, sacrificing himself to allow the rest of the fleet the time they needed to escape.  
It wasn't that heroic. Death doesn't mean a damn anymore.
  Upon learning the news a grief-stricken Jake Lawrence reached out to his newly deceased father through one of the Mordena's afterlife planners, seeking answers on next steps for their relationship, as well as the Mordena. Jake pushed for a Reconstruction Clone but his father declared it was time for him to step aside and let Jake run the family business.   Instead Shane requested to be the first Soulbound in the MORTAC, arguing that organizations require a strong but contemplative leader at the helm to maintain peak effectiveness. After much argument Jake conceded to his father's logic, and Shane's soul was bound to MORTAC's first crystal.  
You do recognize this means I can still boss you around, right?


The Mordena have assigned a research team to maintain and continuously improve MORTAC and its interface. The current iteration houses nearly a hundred souls, bound to tyrellium crystals spaced throughout the universe in tactically advantageous hidden hubs. Each soul is attuned to multiple crystals, one at each facility, to allow their ease of relocation depending upon the needs of those interfacing with MORTAC and as added defence in case a facility is destroyed or otherwise incapacitated.  
MORTAC, what's your analysis of the present situation in the Dylant Sector?
Mordena officer
  Minder Shane still maintains his leadership role within The Mind, although he readily deligates tasks and authority to the other Minds, developing an informal and fluid command structure which readily adapts to cover any level of demand on the system. The AI of MORTAC has also been augmented with programming crystals to record inputs and run programs ranging from basic request triage protocols to complex mathematical flight path analysis. In the decades since its commissioning the Mordena have risen to a fearsome and powerful mercenary organization, and MORTAC has played a significant role in that success.   Not that the time has mellowed Minder Shane any.  
Who are you calling argumentative? Listen. I'm just trying to help you understand how wrong you are! Your hostility is completely unnecessary.
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