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The full Ismat Empire rests on the creation and distribution of Ismat Oil. Ayeshastra is where it is created, but it is Obhenra that brings it to the Ismat Nations. Obhenra does this through a military force whose sole purpose is to deliver Ismat. As this force is the driving purpose of the nation, it is not surprising that Obhenra's culture and economy is centered around them. To bring further direction to this, Obhenra worships Ashra and Bashra deities who are warriors and messengers, but also sportsman, and tactical thinkers.   In support of this, Obhenra has an active physician culture, with physicians aiding their treatments by redirecting light to where the patient is weak.   Obhenranians are competitive, especially when they are competing with the other Ismat nations. They have an active sports culture, with Obhenranians excelling in the sports tournaments. They are particularly triumphant in trials that rely more on physicality and less on lunar magics. Their competitive nature is prevalent in everything they do, a value that has led to Obhenra creating a thriving economy. Travel is imbedded in their purpose. They are a thriving merchant nation. Many retirees from the military become merchants to maintain the lifestyle they have become accustomed too.      Common Ismat Usage   With a culture that values physicallty above all else, ismat is used to augment the body. Oil can be applied directly onto skin. If done so with the right casting, energy of the oil will spread to enhance other muscles of the body. This results in some extra strength, but it is more for overall efficiency and durability, including fast healing from trauma. It is allowed to be used sparingly in some sports game, usually for the final round of an event, often resulting in a long and incredibly exciting match for spectators. Obhenra physicians also use the oil. Knowledge on body health is more common place in Obhenra, and so through focusing the energy of the oil, it gives the body what it needs to heal itself from stress.
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