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Kingdom of Demarn

A small kingdom compared to many of the realms dominating the continent, Demarn has nevertheless grown a strong and stubborn people, having chased out the Ancient Domians, they've stood for centuries against having their land claimed by the Udynea Empire.


Having spent the past few centuries fighting off the Udynean advance, many in Demarn hold a cultural fear of magic and all that comes with it, with many preferring death over its usage, including being magically healed. Even those serving in the army are uncomfortable around the leashed spellsters they use to counter those in the Udynean force.   The drawn-out battles have also taken a toll on their beliefs. Having a strong warrior background way back before their kingdom was fully united, many in the army believe that dying in battle will grant them a swift journey through the underground rivers that is the way into their afterlife.

Foreign Relations

Due to the overall fearful nature of Demarns towards any and all magic, any amicable relationships between the spellster-ruled empires of Niholia and Stamekia are considered impossible. Likewise for Heimat, although it matters little there as the Heimatian border has remained closed to any and all human outsiders.   They trade freely with the Talfaltan people, whose island home sits none too far, and are fast allies. Although, trade is sporadic as the two peoples rarely have anything the other needs. However, the Tafaltaner's stance on spellsters needing to die on sight, they were once used as an army back when Demarn needed aid in chasing off Domians during the ancient people's occupation.   Trade also occurs via sea from Tirglas, Cezhory, the Independent Isles and Dvärghem, the final of which also trades by cart as they share a border. Like with the majority of the lands, a peace treaty was brokered with the dwarves, enabling them to come and go as they pleased as well as agreeing to any escort requests for their hedgewitches. This relationship with the dwarven lands has been strained from time to time as rogue spellsters use the border in their attempts to seek refuge and freedom from being imprisoned in the The Spellster Tower.   In terms of trade with the Country of Obuzan, there have been attempts to form an alliance with the spellster-hating country, but talks are hindered by the two smaller nations sitting on opposite sides of the continent and separated by the same enemy.   When it comes to the Udynea Empire, the centuries of the Udynean border nobles claiming more and more Demarn land in unsanctioned attacks sours any of the empire's attempts to talk of truce. King after king has declared that a truce must come with the return of the stolen land, yet Udynea is unwilling to give it up as many imperial citizens call the land home and Demarn refuses to let them be, claiming they will treat every Udynean spellster citizen on Demarn soil as they do their own.   Furthermore, despite promises from their Mhanek that the lords would desist their attacks, they continue to harry Demarn's borders. Due to this, the Demarn army refuses to desist in its defence of the border and swears to remain until the last sword falls.

Agriculture & Industry

Large sections of the southern half of the kingdom function either to grow or make food and materials for either the army or the Spellster Tower. Grain and vegetables are a main staple for most of the populous with meat being a rare treat for anyone not a hunter or wealthy. Along the eastern shores, fishing is a major industry with some families going back multiple generations.   Ore is largely mined from the mountains marking the western border, the very same border shared with the Udynea Empire. Thankfully, these mountain ranges have proven to be impassable and the only threat to miners is the occasional explosion of unstable Infitialis.
Founding Date
337 HC
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Demarn Kingdom
Predecessor Organizations
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Economic System
Market economy
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