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Dylan's Broken Collar

The collar’s damage was far beyond anything he had thought possible for a leashed one to survive. Broken in two, the smaller half was little more than a melted chunk, crumpled as though it was a piece of paper. Such warping would’ve taken the heat of a forge yet, if he ran his thumb along the inside curve, there were clear indentations. Finger marks.
- Tracker, In Pain and Blood


Having vied for the right to fight in the Demarn Royal Army and serve the Kingdom in pushing back the enemy in war against the Udynea Empire, Dylan subjected himself to being leashed with an infitialis collar. This effectively cut him off from his magic unless sanctioned to by his warden.   During the first few moments of the destruction of the army encampment, in which Dylan was left the sole survivor of an ambush on his scouting party, his warden was shot down, rendering Dylan incapable of aiding the remainder of his unit. Despite knowing the lethal consequences of attempting to remove his collar, he was successful, if knocked unconscious from the blast.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Like others crafted before it, Dylan's collar was designed to keep his magic under control until required for deadly use. However, the collar proved an anomaly from the moment Dylan was leashed. It induced a constant ache in his temples and would shock him whenever he attempted even the smallest amount of unsanctioned magic.   Several persons have theorised that this particular collar was crafted from substandard ore or the alchemist responsible for its creation and Dylan's leashing was sloppy in her task. It has also been supposed that the combination of metal and magic was simply too weak to contain that much power. No one theory has been confirmed.


This is the first known instance of an infitialis collar being shattered through no outside source beyond its wearer.   What makes this violent unleashing even more unique is that, in the instances where other collars have exploded, no others have ever survived. Not that Dylan didn't come out of it unscathed. He bears a scar on his throat, the position matching where the smaller melted section would have blown off from the rest.   Because he is unleashed, Dylan is technically labelled an army deserter. If he refuses any attempts to see him leashed once again, he will be marked as a rogue spellster and his life will become forfeit.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Creation Date
20/8/1902 AES
Destruction Date
9/9/1092 AES
Current Holder
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Owning Organization
2" wide.


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