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Spellster Warden

A spellster warden is a soldier trained in handling the leashed spellsters the crown sends to fight in the army. Their sole purpose is to oversee their charge and use them to attack the enemy much like a pig hunter would with their dogs. It is a prestigious title, held apart from most other rankings and has been considered above even the King's Hounds for several decades.


There's little actually required to take up the mantle of warden beyond the general loyalty to the crown and an ability to command in the heat of battle. Having some knowledge of spellster abilities or experience with facing the Udynean forces will typically bump a person up the rung, but anyone is viable.


Wardens are fully responsible for the leashed spellsters within the army ranks. They are expected to keep their charges in line and in a fit enough state to perform their duties on the front line.


Due to having to work closely with a leashed spellster, and often on the front line, they received monetary compensation beyond that of a typical soldier, as well as prestige and other accolades.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If a warden was unable to keep their spellster charge in check or have them perform their duties, they would be reassigned or dishonourably dismissed back into the lower military ranks.  

The Seedy Underbelly

Although they are meant to be punished for unduly exerting their command over their charges, many abuse their command to force spellsters into performing sexual favours. Over the generations, this has led to the belief that leashed spellsters heed their wardens better if they are cowed and controlled through sex. The few who are punished for their deeds, typically for crippling a spellster rather than any other act, are often given little more than a verbal warning.
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