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Infitialis Collars

From the very first moment Ancient Domian people discovered the metal, infitialis, and its magic-nullifying abilities, there have been collars. In the beginning, these collars were crude, little more than a single unstable piece of barely worked metal wrapped around a spellster neck. Over time, they became more refined, sections worked into the chainmail designs seen in more modern periods.   Their original use was to restrict enemies and criminals from retaliation or endangering innocent civilians. As time moved on, and the collars became more than crude bands, its usage spread across Ancient Domian, then the continent. This technology is considered, in part, responsible for the ancient empire's downfall as more and more spellsters were leashed until only the rich were free to use their magic at will. This left them immeasurably vulnerable to the burgeoning Udynea Empire, who not only loped off the upper echelon of each settlement they claimed, but had also discovered a method to unleash those in the ranks below.   Typically chunky and unflattering pieces, they can be crafted into many styles, with some personal servants wearing elaborate designs or thin chains.


Whilst the crude versions of yesteryear can see anyone leash a spellster if they manage to get close enough, this not only completely deprives them of access to their magic, but it's also incredibly dangerous as unworked infitialis has a habit of exploding.   Most of those who are leashed are done so with the desire to still utilise their magical abilities, merely on command and without endangering others. But leashing also dulls a spellster's senses, leaving them slightly detached from the world and more pliant.


The technique for crafting a true collar out of magic-nullifying metal requires, oddly enough, a spellster and their magic. There are many names for this type of metalsmith, the alchemists of Demarn's Spellster Tower being one, but they all have similar qualities across the continent.   The main quality this person must possess is limited magic within themselves. Too much and they risk destablising the raw ore. They must also still be able to coax the metal into a pliable state and prepare it to accept the magic woven into the links, which is the only method the metal can be safely worked. Without this step, the collar cannot allow a "leaking" of power and is merely a length of purple chain. It is this stage that takes the longest and must be done with care.   The collar must then be attached to a person by a spellster fusing the chains together into a seamless chain, typically around the neck to prevent removal. It is through this method alone that the leashed one gains the ability to use their magic when ordered. The process is considered quite unpleasant and many leashed ones remark that it's akin to an icy stabbing in the brain.   Whilst they're not typically removed, they can be, but only by Nulled Ones who can feel where there two ends of the chainmail were fused and, through placing their hands there, can convince the metal to part.

Social Impact

The impact of infitialis collars varies from kingdom to empire, but many spellsters fear being leashed almost as much as they fear death. Sometimes more.   In the empires, there is the additional stigma that being leashed makes them less. This likely stems from their societies having looked down on the leashed for so long and that many of them are indeed from the lowest social standing.
Typical design of the collars used in Demarn.
Access & Availability
As the name suggests, infitialis metal is required to make these collars. Who is leashed depends entirely on the rarity of the metal.   In some lands, such as the small Kingdom of Demarn, where the metal is scarce, only a handful of spellsters are ever leashed at a given time. The rest of the kingdom's spellsters being confined to a single tower.   In lands such as the imperial trio of Udynea, Niholia and Stamekia, it is expected to find such collars on spellster slaves, criminals and any others whose power may serve as a danger to others.
After thousands of years, the truth behind the discovery has gained many variations. The most commonly believed tale is that of a Domian spellster encountering a piece of infitialis with a natural hole formation and mere human curiosity took it from there.
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