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Widow's Way

Rather than being an official area on any map, Widow's Way is the colloquial term for a section of road weaving through a forest valley that is infamous for bandit attacks. Because encounters with these bandits rarely leave witnesses, it is uncertain if the bandits operate as one large group or many smaller ones. These groups are also often mobile and know the land far better than the enforcements sent to neutralise them, making tracking them down a difficult task.   Despite the known danger lurking within the trees, this is also a common destination for rogue spellsters to flee. Although, they often turn up dead as even the outcast in Demarn fear unleashed magic.


The valley is a narrow one, its sides steep and craggy. A river runs at the lowest point, flowing from somewhere under the cliff faces marking the western side of the valley. Due to the tall trees that shade the area, the dense foliage carpeting the area beneath and the uneven landscape, the area holds little sign of civilisation beyond the road.

Natural Resources

As well as having numerous natural defensive positions in the forest and along the cliff faces, the valley remained undisturbed before the bandits took over due to having no natural resources that couldn't be found or grown with less effort elsewhere. However, there is speculation that ore deposits, maybe even infitialis, could be found in the cliffs. Although, no excavation teams have returned, despite the heavy guard there.


Even as a throughway, the area gets few travellers as only those wealthy enough to afford a heavy complement of guards are willing to risk the road. Because of this, the way is poorly maintained and even the most prepared cart driver runs the risk of finding themselves stuck for hours, if not at the mercy of the bandits.
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