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The United Holy Front

Gathered to kill a God, the United Holy Front was the largest and most formidable army to ever walk Totania. Also known to some as Amukk's Grand Clan, it was an alliance of people from all over the world, gathered to fight for the Orc known as Amukk, Chief of the Gods, in order to depose and replace the Nameless God from his Heavenly Throne.  

Chief of the Gods Amukk

The Chief of the Gods Amukk should not be confused with Amukk God Breaker, the figure from The Holy Rebellion who first united the Orcs as Chief of All Clans. He was named after the famous liberator, but they are not related.   Amukk was a charismatic leader who gathered people to his side with shows of might and rousing speeches.   The man who would go on to be called Chief of the Gods did not believe the current Gods had the good of the people in mind, and wanted justice for everyone.
"The Gods sit in Heaven, contenting themselves with granting the wishes of a follower or two, but the people who are suffering are given nothing. They receive no help from the Gods... that is not just. I will give them justice, I will bring them mercy, and I will create a new beginning for our world."
— Amukk
Chief of the Gods
Amukk was not alone in his ideals. There was his good friend and fellow Chief Zeda Hollow Sabre, as well as the mysterious mage named Gok.   These two counseled him on the best way to proceed, gaining more followers until the army numbered in the tens of thousands.  

The Grand Clan

A Grand Clan is when all Orcish clans are united under one banner, something which had only been achieved twice before Amukk.   However, he refused to call his organization a Grand Clan, opting for the name of United Holy Front to convey his message and show it was not just Orcs fighting for him.
Gok the Archmage by Jarhed
Still, for all intents and purposes, there was little difference.  

Organizational Structure

At the head of the group was Amukk, and below him were his "Three Angels."   He intended to bring these three to Heaven to serve by his side forever as his most trusted advisors. These three were Gok the Archmage, Zeda Hollow Sabre, and Don the Forsaken.   Then, there were his generals, who served below the Three Angels, but above the average soldier. They were formidable forces often in charge of recruiting others to the United Holy Front.   The most notable of these generals were Yogal the Gray, Mull the Glorious, Lualyrr Aleth, and Korras Commonbrush.
Korras Commonbrush by Jarhed
  Other ranks below that blended together, with no real power, just titles to keep up morale.   Instead of giving more people power, Amukk tried to learn the name of every soldier that fought for him and get to know them. After all, they would be fighting a God. It would be no easy feat, and if they were dying for him, he may as well get to know them.  


The continent of Udai, where Orcs, Korvians, and other Beastmen reside, rarely sees peace. It is said that before the United Holy Front, there was never peace across the whole of the continent.   However, the United Holy Front kept things from boiling over to war. At first, they did so by fighting back and using superior might and numbers to overwhelm enemies to peace. Then, when their forces were numerous enough, they did so with intimidation and words alone.   Of course, their greatest achievement was the storming of Heaven, said to be the first time that mortals ever invaded Heaven against the wishes of a God. They did so not only once, but twice, supposedly killing the Nameless God both times before he was finished off for good.   Their final act was placing Amukk on the throne of Heaven, helping him to ascend to Godhood.

Justice for Man, Mercy for Gods, and a New Beginning for the World.

Amukk by Jarhed

Famous Figures

There were many faces that became well-known in the United Holy Front and beyond. Below will be listed some of the names that people in Totania would know best.
  • Amukk Chief of the Gods- The Orcish leader who became the God of Mercy.
  • Korras Commonbrush- A Halfling who would use Amukk's justice to found the World Court.
  • Gok the Archmage- An Orcish mage who advised Amukk and showed Orcs that they could be mages as well as fighters.
  • Yogal the Gray- An old Orcish Tribal Chief who was one of the least willing to hear Amukk's call, but eventually joined the Front.
  • Mull the Glorious- A vicious fighter and Tribal Chief from Urd Grabad who was said to be the strongest in the Front.
  • Zeda Hollow Sabre- A young Orcish Tribal Chief who knew Amukk since childhood.
  • Don the Forsaken- An Avian who was exiled by his people for wishing to stand up to the Korvians, who then took up Orcish culture to find a place to belong.
  • Count Toll- A young Mamman who would be inspired by Amukk's charisma, later leading the downtrodden to Vitroveil as the Greatest Villain in History.
  • Lualyrr Aleth- Count Toll's right-hand and closest friend, a Dark Elven warrior, she was said to be the most skilled combatant in the army.
  • Ishii Daisuke- A Priest of the God Erra and the Food Mage, who would go on to be one of the Divine Heroes.
  • Tesla Stronglung- A minotaur with smoke magic who brought the beastmen to Amukk's side.

-15 - 0

A new beginning for the world came from their actions, just as Amukk wanted. It began what was known as the Age of Heroes, with Amukk and his followers as the first to share the title of hero that ushered in this now era, as even the calendar itself showed a new change, with the world agreeing that everything prior to that year was the Ancient Age, and now the years would start again from the year 0.  
Don the Forsaken by Jarhed


With many of their members deciding to stay in Heaven, including their leader and the Three Angels, the United Holy Front had few legs to stand on. Therefore, it was only two months after they returned from Heaven that the group disbanded.   In technicality, many of them still remained together. Those that stayed with Amukk in Heaven, like Don the Forsaken and Zeda Hollow Sabre, would remain part of the United Holy Front as true Angels now.   Some did not make it. There are no official death tolls, but it is said that at least half of the United Holy Front died in the two wars against the Nameless God and the forces of Heaven. Among these, the most notable casualty was Gok the Archmage.   No body was recovered, but Amukk stated he was the only one to see the Archmage's passing. A man of such renown died out of sight, away from the battle.
Ishii Daisuke by Jarhed
  The casualties would lead to a great influx of followers, especially in Udai, to switch to following Irkalla, Goddess of Grief and Loss, to help process their feelings. More particularly, the families of those that died would be taken in by Irkalla's church.   Others would instead carry on the teachings of Amukk. A Church was formed around him, which then became the center of Korras Communbrush's idea of the World Court, a judicial body that would create an unbiased sense of rule across the whole world, bringing Amukk's justice where the United Holy Front no longer could.   Then, there were heroes who took up Amukk's teachings of justice, most notably Ishii Daisuke, who had fought for a short time as part of the United Holy Front.   Amukk's teachings remained, even when the United Holy Front did not. For he had done what he intended to do. He had slain a God and taken his place so that the people of Totania could receive justice once more.

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