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Kingdom of the Eagle

The greatest power in the south of the continent lays in the hands of the Kingdom of the Eagle. Many of its neighbouring countries are in some way dependant on the Kingdom of the Eagle. Some of them are vassals while others have just strong economic ties with the Kingdom. At the same time it is one of the more culturally homogenous countries in Terra Nova. It was created by Polish Americans and modern inhabitants still call themselves Polish.


Kingdom of the Eagle was founded by Polish Americans who were transported to Terra Nova. It started from the camp that later became known as New Cracow. Leader of the camp, and later the first King, Martin Romski was offering people shelter and food. Simiarly to other parts of the world it didn't take long until he had a lot of respect from the people and it gave him authority. People celebrated when Martin proclaimed the Kingdom of the Eagle.

As the years went by Martin and his successors were expanding their rule in the south of the continent. Other Polish American groups were absorbed into the Kingdom and groups of other cultures were vassalized.

The Mountain War

From the early years in the Kingdom's history there has been conflicts with the Queendom of Esteria regarding the access to the resources of the Southern Mountains (known as Tatry in the south). In the year 100 AA a full-on war broke out between the two countries. Most of it was fought in the valleys and mountain passes. It lasted for 3 years and neither side was able to push to the opposite side of the mountain range. The Mountain War ended with a peace treaty which created the Duchy of the Mountains, a country under the joint Polish-Esterian rule.

Golden Age

Economic and cultural development in the Kingdom of the Eagle has resulted in a period refered to as a Golden Age starting in 1100 AA and it lasts to the current day. People live in prosperity, economy booms and new works of culture and science are created.


There are two main religions in the Kingdom of the Eagle. The first one is the Church of Earth, a religion focused around Earth that treats it as a holy place. Priests of the Church of Earth are very active missionaries trying to convert as many people as possible.

The other religion is focused around the primordial deities of Terra Nova. Compared to the Church of Earth it is a much more decentralized religion. Only forms of organizations are colleges of priests from the same settlements. This doesn't stop that religion from being the one followed by the royal family.

Despite such a division in religion, it is still a very important aspect for Polish people. It is a part of their culture that they kept from Earth.

Gods, Honour, Fatherland

Founding Date
2 AA
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Legislative Body
King and the Noble Assembly
Judicial Body
Royal Courts and King as the highest judge
Executive Body
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of the Eagle by KajetanWrites with MidJourney

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