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Queendom of Esteria

Queendom of Esteria is one of the human countries which border the Inherited Empire. It is a female-dominated culture where all positions of power are filled by women. The Queendom is well-known for its highly skilled warriors who are exclusively female.

It is said that the Queendom was founded by a group of original humans transported to Terra Nova from Earth who didn't agree with the views of Alexander the First, founder of the Inherited Empire. The core of this group and its most vocal members were women and this why such a different way of things emerged in Esteria. Because of that history many of the Inheritor Emperors viewed the Queendom as a rebel state and tried to subjugate it. However, all such attempts failed.


The Queendom is well-known across the world for its female warriors who are experts in fighting both on foot as well as on horseback. The most famous of knights in the queendom are those of the Banner of Elfspire, the queendom's capital. These are knights who form the Queen's Guard.


The majority of Esterians worship the goddess Esther, one of the country's founders who asended to godhood. However, the Church of Earth also has a strong presence in the Queendom. The two religions are almost completely integrated and Esther is considered an emissary from Earth. It is believed that she was sent to observe humans in Terra Nova and see when they will be worthy to return to Earth.

Founding Date
3 AA
Geopolitical, Queendom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

Origin of the name

The name "Esteria" comes from the name "Esther" which was the name of one of the country's founders. Esther is considered to had been one of the first humans capable of using magic, at least in this part of the continent. According to the legend she ascended to godhood after praying for three days and three nights in elven ruins. As a godess, she visited the first Esterian Queen and gifted her with Star Sword.

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