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Summer camp 2021 pledge document

Summer camp is upon us once again and many in the WorldAnvil community is making these "pledge documents". I was not sure if there was a need for me, since I know pretty much what I expect and what I want to do and so on. But it might help organize and might also get people more interested! Here goes for another good WorldAnvil summer camp!

Which worldbuilding project?

I will continue on with worldbuilding for my planned novel and just for fun. Nimenra is the only current original setting that I have on WorldAnvil and the only one I am building on at the moment.

What area will I be focusing on?

This is a problematic side of my pledge. Since I work all over the place it has been hard to decide. Last summer camp I worked all over Nimenra, from the north to the south. While I don't have a problem with it, I do want to focus on Nekuram since it is comparingly underdeveloped to the human countries. That said, if I am able to, I want to add to Marlun since it too is quite unexplored.

How much do you aim to complete?

Diamond before death! No, in all seriousness I will aim to complete all 31 prompts for summer camp. Last year I had little problems with it, with the exceptions of some prompts being harder than others to fit/be imaginative with.

When will I write?

Due to the fact that I got a summer job (I know, scary!) I have to manage my time writing and doing other stuff. That said, I see no problem with sitting down and look at the prompts, think about them and write parts of them at least once a day.

Support network?

I have... NONE! My writing is of the sort that I talk to friends and family about, but receive little feedback from them. Juggling ideas are also... hard. Still, they are there for me. I will, however, have some YouTube inspiration from Overly Sarcastic Productions and other various people I listen to/watch. I will list them here. This is not an extensive list as you may understand, but these help me with figuring things out at times. Check them out yourself!  

Organizing my Worldbuilding

The organisation of my world is one part that has improved significantly since the last summer camp. Not that the categories have changed (As one will see, it is quite standard), but I have tried to make a "standard" on how I want the articles to look. By the way, here is the screenshot of my categories:
I do have a problem with images, however, due to not finding the "right" ones and the ones that are "right" usually is under copyright or circumstances that are too scary for me to even try obtaining (like messaging artists...). The reality is also that I have no clue about the prompts and don't want an article to be "made to fit" to an image. I will think about making maps though but my abilities to do so is... quite not up to quality yet. I will start to use placeholder images, however, but finding good ones for the categories are not easy. For now, I will use one for the following article templates:
  • Characters
  • Geography
  • Items (Onhold due to indecisiveness, any suggestions is welcome)
  • Settlements

Standard Structure Document
Generic article | Jun 25, 2021

Cover image: Marlun Expanse Header by A of Worldkeymaster (Artbreeder)


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Jun 25, 2021 18:36 by Lauren

Great list of YouTube channels for inspiration. Red and Blue are excellent resources and narrative weavers. Good luck with Summer Camp!

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Jun 26, 2021 19:54 by Cassandra Sojourn

I love watching Overly Sarcastic Productions. Great Youtube list, overall. Nekuram seems like a really interesting place to explore.

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