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Sibilating Sapphire Shield

You have to feel sorry for those Zuvmurt fools up north. They're evil, of course. But they do almost as good as job of killing each other as we do of annihilating them. Their biggest fallacy was taking pride in some elven god instead of the true dragon gods of the world. When their elven god was defeated, he left their kingdoms in the bloody claws of the false-Dragon Rapacious. Our dragons may be gone for now, but in their absence they left behind a shield, protecting us from the devils and monsters that think they can control us like the blood-stained elves of the north.
  The Sibilating Sapphire Shield (or SSS for short) is a protective barrier that encircles the entirety of the Kudinyana Kingdom. No Dragon Kindred understands the mysteries of its powers, only that so long as it whispers, the folk are safe from the darkness of the devils.   The barrier consists of large floating sapphires that vibrate slightly, as if magic is charged through their stones. From outside the kingdom, the image is blurry when one tries to look past the sapphires. From within the kingdom, it is easy to see what is beyond. The barrier not only protects the land, but also the sky, as a person cannot travel within 5000 feet above the kingdom.   When a person tries to get within 120 feet of the SSS, their minds are hit with discordant or beguiling whispers. The sound too low to understand what is said or even which language is spoken. As one comes within 60 feet, illusions of sapphire gemstones shoot out, hitting the interloper and causing psychic damage. If a person manages to make it to the barrier and tries to pass through, they risk being turned into a statue of sapphire. There are many sapphire statues along the Sibilating Sapphire Shield. Even more broken statues, which fell from hundreds of feet. The statues are believed to be cursed and are avoided by most dragon kindred.  

Secret Passageways

  There are secret entrances throughout Sibilating Sapphire Shield, that allow folk to travel into the kingdom. A few of these entrances are quite well-known and well marked with stone pathways. Heavily guarded by kebiishi and the occasional bushi jugonshi warrior, travelers can enter the kingdom once searched and questioned. From the ocean, there are only two ports which are wide enough for small sailing ships to pass through.   It is rumored that there are dozens of secret entrances that are more discreetly guarded. Some try to follow the edge of the SSS to where the whispers fade away in order to sneak inside the kingdom. A lucky few have manage to slip by the kebiishi when employing this method.  
"Don't fly into the sun!" A common phrase parents tell their dragonkin children. It is possible to leave the Sibilating Sapphire Shield from any location. However, once exiting the border, a person must return from a designated entrance. A person who flies too high, especially from the center of the kingdom, may need to fly a long distance before they can find a safe entrance. There have been kindred who have died from exhaustion, falling into the SSS and turning to sapphire stone.
It is impossible to teleport into or out of the SSS, although one can teleport within its borders. For this reason, there are guarded teleportation circles set up near the borders of the SSS, so that folk can teleport to the edge of the kingdom, leave the Sibilating Sapphire Shield's borders, and then teleport to a friendly neighboring region.  
Fading Magic
The magic of the Sibilating Sapphire Shield is known only to the gemstone dragons. It was after the Battle of the Dragonlich, when the gemstone dragons were nearly annihilated, that the SSS mysteriously crystallized. Rumors are the Shogun or perhaps the Empress and the most powerful spellcasters bound the ancient sapphire dragon to a sleeping spell that slowly drained her of her life magic. A kinder view is that the ancient sapphire dragon submitted to this of her own free will to protect her kindred.   Recently, the magic of the Sibilating Sapphire Shield is fading. Weak spots are appearing where folk can pass through unnoticed. It is believed the fading power means the last ancient dragon is dying. And with its death will be the end of the SSS. No kindred dares imagine what will happen once it’s gone.

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