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Bombing of the Insurgents & Flight to Peace


  In the first years of the Devil’s Storm, the Narcissist struck a deal with groups of humans, elves, and gnomes to give them immeasurable power in exchange for an alliance. What he didn’t tell them was that “fighting on my behalf” meant that their minds would be consumed only with bloodshed and their hearts would love only the Narcissist. What he didn't tell them was that their bodies would be twisted to be remade in his image. What he didn't tell them was the curse would not end with them but carry on into their children.  

The Orphaned Orc that Lead to Surrender

  Those in the lofty peaks and valleys fought against this newfound enemy. Knowing only that the Insurgents battled in the name of a devil named Narcissist. It was hundreds of years of bloodshed with no path towards peace. Irra, an orphaned aarakocra, joined the war at only fourteen. She quickly rose through the ranks of the Aarakocra Airforce and by the time she was fifteen, she was in charge of her own air platoon.   Their primary task was to drop enchanted packages which would explode into fire on contact. The air platoon would seek enemy camps near allied troops. One night, they came in the cover of night, lighting an Orc camp in flames. As was their task, the next morning they returned to see if there was anybody left for questioning or any clues amidst the flames. Hidden among the rubble and the ruin of their successful bombing, Irra heard a cry. Beneath the folds of a charred tent, she found an infant orc.   His parents annihilated by her hand. The same way her parents were annihilated by the hands of a nameless orc. Pain begets pain. The understanding hit her hard. No matter how righteous this war may have felt. There must be a better way to stop the Narcissist and his Insurgents from their terror.   Without telling her platoon, Irra surrendered to the enemy camp. But parlay wasn’t an option for the army. In trying to talk to them, she realized they all repeated the same eerily similar words. They all had the same eerily similar glint to their eye. These were not ordinary soldiers they were fighting. They had a sickness. A curse. They needed healing. The only problem . . . The Insurgents planned to roast her alive.   Irra had her own secret that few of her fellow aaraokocra knew. She had been raised by a crystal dragon. And her adopted mother, Kazaomi wasn't about to let anything happen to her only daughter.   When hope seemed lost and the flames of fire singed at her feathers, Kazaomi soared through the sky. Prepared to burn the enemy camp to ash. Irra pressed her thoughts into her mother, however. Telling her to stop. Allowing Kazaomi to see all that Irra now understood. The Insurgents were not killing is out of malice. They were compelled. Trapped in a curse of the Narcissist's making.   At her daughter's pleadings, Kazaomi focus all of her psychic powers on all the goblins, hobgoblins, and orcs - first within the camp and then throughout the Lofty Peaks and valleys, finally spreading across the southern hills and grasslands. She poured every ounce of power stored within her hundreds of years old gemstone body. She pulled the bond strings that Narcissist held tight. She pulled until they finally severed. And with it, Kazaomi's power grew bright for once instance. Until her entire body flamed out, leaving behind thirteen crystal gems.  

Defeating Narcissist

  Irra was distraught. Knowing the sacrifice her mother had made for her. Had made for the world. But surrounding her were the newly freed Insurgents. Confused. Angry. Distraught. Some who wanted to fight her. Many who wanted to flee. The weight of their actions carried heavy. And Irra knew that the pain had the risk of the folk turning off all emotions, turning to stone so as to carry on the war. The only thing they ever knew.   This could not happen.   The Insurgents needed focus. More than that, they all needed to defeat Narcissist once and for all, so that he could not inflict this curse on another living being.   Utilizing every ounce of her compassion. Every bit of cleverness she had learned from Kazaomi. Every trickle of inspiring leadership she gained from the Aaracokra Airforce. Irra combined the forces of both the former Insurgents and her longstanding allies. Together, they set off to destroy Narcissist.   In the end, it was the thirteen gemstones that Kazaomi left behind that changed the tide of the battle. One against thousands. And it was those thirteen gemstones that stopped Narcissist enough for his former slaves, the former Insurgents, to defeat him.   And so, it was a hawk girl and her mother dragon that changed the tide of the war enough so that an entire race of Folk could be free. And a great evil could be defeated forever.
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