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Guardian DragonSnake Tree

Standing in the center of the underground forest of the Lost City of the DragonSnake is a golden tree fifty feet in diameter. Coiled around the tree is a snake-like stone dragon, the front of its body outstretched to the sky, its wings raised as if in flight.   This majestic monument was discovered less than a year ago by Samkenami during his journey through the Perennial Woodlands. The Lost City was built thousands of years ago. However, the Guardian DragonSnake Tree is frozen in time. As if no folk, weather, or decay can reach beyond its barrier.  

The Tree

  The DragonSnake Tree stands fifty feet at its base and over four-hundred feet in height. Halfway up its trunk, the branches spread wide with purple, waxy maple leaves two feet in diameter. The bark of the tree resembles gold painted dust and within the bark deep golden sap pours forth.   The tree bears hundreds of strange fruit, though none of the fruit has fallen to the ground. The fruit is bright blue with slight dimples pocketing its skin. Protected by waxy, indigo purple, teardrop-shaped leaves. The outer leaves overlap one another as if the fruit is a bud before blossoming. The texture of the fruit is similar to kiwi with dozens of seeds made of pure gold.   If drilling into the tree to release sap, the hole will close within minutes. There are no marks or carvings on the tree, save one. Directly under the spread wings of the Guardian DragonSnake, the white outline of a door is painted. At the top, old draconic script, which has yet to be translated. The door has no hinges and no knob. Although some believe it's just a simple painting, many more know this painted door leads to an immense power. Attempts to uncover its secrets have been futile and in some cases have led to death.  

The Dragon

  Whether real or an ancient enchantment, the explorers and scholars cannot agree. The Guardian DragonSnake is so called because not all dragonkin can enter the radius of the tree, collect its fruit, or examine the door. The first unlucky dragonkin to discover this had only moments to see the stone turn soft before the dragon's breath weapon incinerated them to ash. Upon closer examination, when a dragonkin who was not deemed 'worthy' entered the Guardian DragonSnake's radius, its eyes glowed bright gold in warning.   The Guardian DragonSnake seems to be carved of limestone, each of its scales individually crafted and the size of one's hand. It is estimated to be 300 feet long, with most of the dragon coiled around the tree and the front portion of it hovering above the door. The dragon's wings providing an extra canopy over the painted doorframe. Intricately carved or cursed into stone, the Guardian DragonSnake's eyes seem to always be watching. A guardian. A protector. But what it is protecting remains a mystery.  
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Magical Insight
The scholars who know of the expedition have been studying the magical effects of the tree. So far, they've discovered the Guardian DragonSnake Tree fruit provides limited prophetic visions. When brewed into a tea, the leaves and bark heighten one's senses. The sap allows the drinker to rapidly pick up patterns in their surrounding environment or when researching an issue. Scholars are researching ways to brew more potent potions from these new discoveries.     Although the flavor differs slightly between the tree's ingredients, they all share a unique undertone of taste. It was best described as if a chili pepper was dipped in honey and wrapped in tender brisket.  
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