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Samkenami, Discoverer of the Lost City (sam-key-NA-mi)

Samkenami Irakagu Mansurnah, formally an anideshi, is most well-known for discovering the Lost City of the DragonSnake. His firsthand report can be found in The True & Honest Account of Samkenami.  


  Samkenami is an eighth-dragonkin born to a wealthy merchant class family. Upon realizing the intelligence and natural curiosity of her youngest son, Samkenami's mother reluctantly allowed him to study under Dandeli, a jushihan scholar that specialized in healing. As the hospital head in their small city near the Perennial Woodlands, Dandeli would often send Samkenami to find needed plants from the woodlands.   During what should have been a routine gathering expedition, Samkenami was swallowed by an onamazu before he was rescued by a yamamba. In order to avoid the Sapping Fatigue, Samkenami agreed to find a rare fruit for the yamamba.   According to his report, Samkenami was led to the Lost City of the DragonSnake by an Kirin. Although this account is much debated, as there have been no sightings of kirin since before the Devil's Storm.   Once returning from the Lost City of the DragonSnake, Samkenami pursued uncovering the mysteries of the forgotten settlement. However, Dandeli felt that uncovering old stones was secondary to the life-saving knowledge of healers and discontinued Samkenami's apprenticeship. Without a master, Samkenami is technically no longer a scholar. However, he has secured great funds which has allowed him to return to the Lost City to study the ruins and surrounding habitat.  


  Samkenami is a quiet fellow, who always felt out of place in his large, boisterous, and ostentatious family. His keen eye and merchant upbringing allows him to spot the value of an item in an instant. Or dishonest sales-folk. As a child, he would spend any spare coin on old tomes and artifacts he uncovered when traveling with his family.   Samkenami prefers the pen to the sword. All he has ever known is a country at war and is quite desensitized to the global implications. Choosing to ignore news of the battles for his greater good of draconic lore and secrets. Although not particularly interested in the healing arts, Samkenami studied under Dandeli because he was the only scholar in their city who agreed to hire an apprentice from a merchant family. (The sizable donation made to the hospital certainly didn't hurt). Weaker than many dragonkin his age, Samkenami has begun wilderness survival training to better equip himself for life as an explorer.
Draconic Blood
Although his dragonic bloodline is weak, Samkenami is well-regarded for his strong dragon coloring. He has the ability to use a force breath weapon. Before traveling to the Perennial Woodlands, Samkenami had no other powers. Once eating of the Dragon Fruit he found on his travels, Samkenami gained draconic powers. Few know this, as he fears he will be coerced into joining the Jugonshi Warriors.
Current Location
Aligned Organization

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