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Sapping Fatigue

Sapping Fatigue is a magical disease contracted through the kiss of a yamamba. Left untreated, Sapping Fatigue is fatal. It cannot be transmitted. This disease was once so prevalent in dragonkin hunters that a warning was written in the The Hunters Exhortation.  


  In the Perennial Woodlands, yamamba often appear to hunters in need. The wise hunter knows never to accept what the yamamba offers, as in doing so the hunter has accepted aid. The desperate hunter may be moments from being monster food and agree to be rescued in exchange for a favor.   A person can make three offers to return the favor. The yamamba's trades are never fair, so it is advised to offer large favors. If a yamamba turns down all three offers, the person must accept the request of the yamamba instead. Refusal means death. The lucky ones go on a perilous quest. The unlucky ones must receive a kiss.  

Symptoms and Life Expectancy

  The yamamba's kiss causes a person to age rapidly. Every day that passes ages them one year. As the victim undergoes this process, they grow progressively weaker. Immensely exhausted. The years are rumored to go to the yamamba, although none have seen a youthful one before. Others believe the yamamba transforms life potential into a potent magic. Whichever theory is true, Sapping Fatigue victims will only survive until they reach the age of their natural death date. A dragonkin in his thirties would perhaps survive a little over two months. A dragonkin child may live three.  


  Sapping Fatigue once had a 100% mortality rate. However, a Shihan Scholar discovered a way to cut the connection from the yamamba. When the yamamba kisses its victim, she leaves behind an invisible thread of saliva that minutely drains the life energy from the victim and to the yamamba. Through speaking a magical incantation and snipping the saliva threads counter-clockwise, a healer is able to successfully sever the connection. Nobody has discovered a way to reverse the effects. At best, a person may lose a half dozen years of their life. Some may come out of the disease an elder.
The yamamba are a mysterious folk. They possess some of the most powerful magics, yet seem content to live their days in isolated wooden huts. Always kindly. Unless they are denied their favor. They hold no remorse for the mass murder of all they kiss. The yamamba are magical geniuses. Even the Oni avoid their path. Despite all their apparent strength, yamamba do not care for the politics of war. Enigmatic about their schemes, their only allegiance is to themselves.

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