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Marble-sized scales of opal which reflect the light of the sun and moon. Crisp white mane as delicate as cotton candy. Kirin glide through the sky, not with wings but through the pure force of magic. And as they fly, it is as clouds are drifting through the air.   The kirin is a large animal, standing ten feet at the shoulder, a slightly elongated neck and two clear crystalline elk-pronged antlers that spread five feet. Their four legs are spindly, as if they shouldn't be able to carry such a towering creature, and end in two clear crystalline cloven hooves. Despite the kirin's size, no tracks are left behind. Many believe the kirin never touch the ground, merely glide above the grass.   Kirin's eyes have no iris or pupil. Instead, they grow bright like the stars. Their long snot tapers to a gentle point and their ears are hidden behind two opal-covered fringes.  

Silent Magic

Kirin never make a sound. Some believe they are a reflection from another dimension, so little their movements interact with the world. Although a sapient being, the kirin only speaks through telepathy. Their words rarely make sense to those they do choose to communicate with. The other person's questions go largely unanswered. This can frustrate those who believe the kirin has divination magic.   Kirin are also known for their healing magics and ability to turn invisible. Some believe the kirin's skin allows them to reflect the light around them, causing them to only seem invisible to the naked eye. Although the kirin can shoot force magic from their eyes, they rarely use the power, even when their life is threatened. It is only to protect the life of an innocent that kirin use their force magic.  


Kirin have only been seen in the Perennial Woodlands, although many believe their true home is above the clouds. None has seen a kirin eat and it is rumored that they drink only the dew of the sunrise and eat only the light of the still, full moon.
Discovery & Signs
Kirin were rediscovered by the young Samkenami. Although since there were no other witnesses, many doubt the validity of his report. Kirin are said to only appear in a time of coming peace. Those that believe Samkenami's report are optimistic that the devils will soon be destroyed and unity will come to the Eastern Homelands.
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