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Wanderers of the Wind

Wanderers of the Wind is the primary religion of the Drizdi halflings of the Mesa Dunes. This religion can be classified under the Path of the Communal.  

The Reservoirs of Spirt which Contain All

  Wanderers of the Wind believe that everything on Adazuri is infused with a spirit. The spirit is contained within a reservoir and through communing with the spirits, Drizdi can draw inspiration, insight, and even magic. The size of a spirit's reservoir can be deduced from their size. Typically, the larger a thing, the larger their reservoir. However, that which cannot be counted has the largest reservoirs. Examples of this include droplets of water or grains of sand.   The most powerful reservoir is the spirit of the sand, which is contained throughout the billions of granulates that stretch throughout the Mesa Dunes. So massive is the spirit of the sand, that it controls the path of the wind. Wanderers of the Wind are able to commune with the Sand Spirit through listening to the breeze. The sand is engaged in an endless dance with the wind and through their pirouettes, echos of the sand can be heard.  

What is Borrowed is Always Returned

  Plants and animals Drizdi eat contain a reservoir, which gives the consumer energy and strengthens their spirit. A small portion of all food is carried away by the wind through offerings. In turn, the desert will whisper their favor or disapproval. This can be felt through a soft, dry breeze which leads an enclave towards fresh water. Or a raging dust blizzard, which threatens their lives or livestock.   In death, Wanderers of the Wind believe that the spirit is spread through newly formed reservoirs. For this reason, deceased Drizdi are left on a desert rock to be consumed by the spirits of the animals they once consumed. To enrich the plants that once enriched them. Personal possessions a Drizdi wore in the pouch around their neck are buried in the sand without opening. Although death feels like a time of loss, Wanderers of the Wind posit that only an individual's reservoir was broken. Their spirit can never die. Instead, the droplets of their spirit flow across the wind to find newly born creatures, newly bloomed plants, and endless grains of desert.  

Magi: Guides of the Desert Path

  Magi are Wanderers of the Wind who are adept at practicing magic. They are the leadership of the Wanderers of the Wind because they are most in tune with the whispers of the spirits. Magi are in charge of interpreting the direction, speed, and feel of the wind so that the lay folk can understand what they need to do to stay in good favor of the desert. They also lead all of the ritual offerings. Most enclaves of Drizdi will have at least one magus. Beyond interpreting the wind, magi can practice small amounts of magic and concoct herbal potions and remedies through drawing upon the reservoir of the desert plants and animals.   The most powerful of magi hold the title of Maestro Magus. Many maestro magi travel between the different enclaves. A maestro magus is often called upon to deal with great sickness or when a powerful magic must be drawn upon. A maestro magus not only has the power to interpret the desert and nudge it to grant small favors, such as providing favorable wind, they can also draw an enormous reservoir of power within themselves. A maestro magi can create a sandstorm, in order to fend off an incoming Zuvmurt raid or even soar across the sands itself to rescue a Drizdi halfling which has been stolen away. Masestro magi lead cooperative magic protection ceremonies with other magi, training novice magi on how to draw magic from themselves and from the world around them.
Religious, Druidic Circle
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