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Saio is the title given to priestesses and priests of the Kindred of the Gem Scale. Part of the Imperial Class, the priesthood consists only of the half dragon siblings of the land-owning imperials. The highest Saio priestesses know how to practice magic. Priestesses and priests are exempt from joining the military.  

Weighing of the Scales

  Saio often stay cloistered or behind the gates of the imperial district in Illiwz. From afar, they can be seen performing rituals and ceremonies for the kingdom’s protection. Every month, however, common dragonkin have an opportunity to be in the same room as the Saio.   Within the temples, a Saio will lead the Weighing of the Scales, flying above a large altar. Half-hidden behind a gilded gate. This ceremony consists of reciting words from "The Legacy of Scales", a collection of quotes and proverbs from former Gem Dragons. It is the Saio's job to interpret these words, reflecting on how they are relevant to those attending.   During the moment of reflection, the Saio priestesses who most recently joined the temple will walk past the congregants. Exchanging their offerings for a chance to touch their right claw. To touch even the finger of a Saio is believed to promise blessings.   The Saio leading the ceremony will conclude the service by sharing the three greatest miracles they have performed since the last time they led.  

Offerings, Blessings, & Miracles

  Common folk who cannot afford an offering must hope that they see a Saio on the Amethyst Shores. If they touch their sleeve, they will receive a blessing-albeit much weaker. However, to touch a Saio's claws or scales without first providing an offering incurs a great debt.   Miracles require coin. And a lot of it. Some who are influential may be able to exchange a miracle for a future favor. Offerings the Saio priestesses receive help to fund their lavish lifestyle and to build their extended family’s wealth.  

Rituals and Responsibilities

  Saio Priestesses are the only ones who can marry imperial class members. Other kindred turn to monks to perform the marriage rituals. However, some influential or wealthy folk of the warrior scholar class are able to hire a Priestess to preside over their wedding. Saio also preside over death rituals for the imperial class and ensure that they spirit is released upon cremation.   Saio perform intricate ceremonies that are said to strengthen the protection of the Sibilating Sapphire Shield. And give mass blessings to Jugonshi Warriors before they leave for battle. Besides blessings and miracles, the most common thing Saio are hired for is divination work. This typically costs the most coin because few Saio have divining magic.
Exiled Siblings
Those who hold the title of Saio attest they joined the Kindred to experience a deeper connection to the Gem Dragons. The reality is, most are coerced into joining by their family or clan. Saio cannot marry or inherit titles. Through accepting the title of Saio, the oldest sibling can keep the family lands without fear of contest. Upon joining, Saio are not allowed to leave the Kindred unless all other siblings have died. In these instances, they are expected to marry the widower or widow of the deceased heir so that the lands stay within the agreed upon clans.
Religious, Clerical
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