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The Hyena and the Double Headed Twins

In the savannah, there is a Hyena who wish to be human. “Why do you want to be human?” Hyena’s mother say. “We run free through the grasses. Sleep through the blaze of the sun. The humans they toil. Never any fun. Only work to hunt food. Work to build house. Work to make fire."   The Hyena pay his mother no mind.   He watch the humans laugh. And the Hyena learn to laugh like the humans. He watch the humans cry. And the Hyena dig up the man they mourn.   The Hyena dress in the man’s skin and enter the human village. The man’s wife fall to the ground. She laugh and she cry. Her husband return from the grave.   The Hyena lay with the wife. She have twins. One boy. One girl. Each baby have two heads.   The wife scream when she see her babies. She know the Hyena is not her husband. Is only wearing his skin.   The Hyena flee from village as the hunters chase him from the woman. As he run, his human skin shed from his body. The Hyena return to his mother. Content now to run through the grasses and sleep in the sun.   The twins. One girl. One boy. Each baby have two heads. They are alone. The Hyena. The Human. Both say the twins are monsters. They have no home in the village. They have no home in the savannah.   The boy. The girl. Join hands to search for a home. They ask the Cheetah. He say they too slow. They ask the Elf. She say they too wild.   And so they wander alone. Cursed never to find a home, so they birth their own. Cursed never to earn welcome, so they inveigle with charm.
The Venaksan Kishi often share old folk tales to impart lessons to their young. Some believe The Hyena and the Double Headed Twins teach children to be content with the circumstances life provides. Others say the story teaches ingenuity and creating the circumstances for the life you want to live.
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